Leisure Facility

Richmond Football Club

Melbourne, Australia

Leisure Facility

The Richmond Football Club, nicknamed the Tigers, is an Australian rules football club that competes in the Australian Football League (AFL). As with many sporting clubs, there is an onsite laundry facility to process player uniforms and towels.

Early one morning, a freak fire broke out at the club’s headquarters when laundered towels spontaneously ignited due to traces of massage oil residues left in the towels.

Spontaneous combustion occurs regularly in laundries all over the world. This phenomenon is usually the result of oily based residue not properly removed in the wash cycle such as massage oils, gels or lotions on towelling and cooking oils on kitchen articles.

The best way to prevent this is to invest in a professional laundry system, designed for commercial use and covered by a warranty specific for professional applications.

After extensive research, Giuseppe Mamone – Property Manager of Richmond Football Club chose the Electrolux myPRO system.

myPRO not only delivers superb wash results in less time, but can reduce the transmission of common bacteria and virus strains. The system is perfect for small businesses looking to upgrade to a professional laundry solution such as sporting clubs, gymnasiums, beauty salons, childcare centres, health and aged care facilities.

Why Electrolux Professional?

“We now have 3 washers and dryers installed in our small laundry area; the machines are compact, quiet and do an amazing job of 100-120 loads of washing per week. No more grass stains or oily residues that could be a fire hazard.”

Giuseppe Mamone – Property Manager

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