Electrolux Professional Wine Line

We offer the perfect conditions for your wine whether you need a cabinet for cellaring, storing or serving or a combination of the three.

Good wine deserves respect

Electrolux Professional Wine Line wine cellars have been created with leading industry experts to provide optimum temperature and humidity levels, as well as protection from harmful UV and vibrations for all your wines.

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Cherish, honor and protect

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Enhance wine

Keep your wine safe and stop waste.
Perfectly preserve your wines by choosing Electrolux Professional Wine Line wine cellars which replicates the conditions naturally found in the world’s best wine cellars.

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Optimal flavor

There’s no risk of wines deteriorating as Electrolux Professional Wine Line wine cellars maintain constant the chosen set temperature for your wines.

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Showcase your collection. Cellar or store all your wines or create enticing displays with ready-for-service bottles. It is easy to create the wine cellar you need with our complete range of capacity and shelving options.

Mantain and enhance wines’ flavour

Need to cellar or store different wines ready for service in optimal conditions while keeping your running costs low? Versatile, energy-efficient Electrolux Professional Wine Line wine cellars respect every type and variety of wine: from crisp whites to full-bodied reds.

wine temperature infograph
Ideal serving (left side) and cellaring (right side) temperature (°C)

Over 25°C wines spoil fast: alcohol becomes more noticeable, fruitiness is replace by acidity.

Storage constant temperature of 12-14°C: it stops spoilage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Too cold: wines loose its aroma. If it begins to freeze may cause the bottle to crack or the seal to loosen.

wine cellaring single zone

Single zone

Wines cellaring at 12-14°C or at their perfect drinking temperature: 6-8° C for whites or 16-18°C for reds.

wine cellaring multi zone

Multi zone

To generate a temperature gradient throughout the cabinet to keep different delicate wines at their perfect individual drinking temperature.

Stored with care

Whether your clientele are true wine connoisseurs or seeking the perfect accompaniment to their dining experience, beautifully designed Electrolux Professional Wine Line wine cellars ensure every bottle is ready to satisfy their expectations. Wines tantalisingly displayed in wine cellars which blend the very best in flavor-preserving technology with design which increases the visual allure of your collection.

storage shelving option

Storage mode

Putting the bottles laying down let you make the most of the space available.

hospitality shelving option

Hospitality mode

The majority of bottles are placed standing upright. Ideal for serving your most prized wines that can be stored vertically thanks to precision humidity control.

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