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Laundry solutions for Facility Management

Getting your mops clean enough to pass audits is a challenge when using domestic machines in the laundry room. myPRO washer and dryer are reliable appliances you can trust, for top-quality laundry solutions for facility management.

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Professional programs

Up to 50% faster than domestic machines, plus greater flexibility, with programs for a wide variety of applications, including disinfection programs.

Disinfection programs

Greater flexibility, with programs for a wide variety of applications, including disinfection programs to help you meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements.

Optimized drum perforations

Ensures removal of all dirt and particles. Large 4.5 mm holes ensure solid particles are efficiently flushed out of the drum, minimizing textile abrasion.

myPRO facility management

Top quality and hygiene

My customers can see the difference, and my mops and cloths are cleaner and last longer

  • Great hygiene with disinfection and mop programs for mops and cloths
  • Best wash results and garment care thanks to Electrolux SpeedCare drum
  • Greater flexibility with professional programs
myPRO facility management

Efficient and reliable

“I don’t need to worry about unexpected stops in the laundry that
delay my audit

  • Efficient flushing of solid particles out of the drum ensured by large 4.5 mm holes
  • Lasts 3 times longer than domestic machines due to construction with professional components
  • Compact and easy to move thanks to foldable top (IS185)

A green soul – for a profitable investment

“I save money on detergent, and time, by using the efficient dosing system”

  • Cost and time savings thanks to External Dosing System
  • Save energy and costs with A+++ energy efficiency
  • Warranty for professional applications

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