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Small, silent and powerful Soft Ice Cream Dispensers will make your business boom.

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Dispensing performance

The perfect product every time.

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Silent and compact

Ideal for small spaces.

Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 85 cones/hour

Professional and space-saving

In developing this new range of ice cream and frozen yogurt, Electrolux has created a compact counter-top range ideal for small spaces. Easy to operate, practical and reliable our soft ice cream dispenser is quiet and easy to clean. Gravity or pump version available.

Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 150 cones/hour

Quality soft ice cream for high volume locations

This range is one of the smallest and most economical machines on the market. The innovative cooled hopper ensures high production, maintaining quality.
Choose between two feed systems: gravity or pump fed.

168 Products

  • Coffee SystemTraditional espresso coffee POD machine, 1 group, 6.3 liter boiler

    Coffee System
    Traditional espresso coffee POD machine, 1 group, 6.3 liter boiler

    Traditional Espresso Coffee POD Machine, 1 group, 6,3 liter boiler, 4 programmable dosing program
    • Automatic cleaning cycle.
    • The MIRA line offers a dynamic outline with a sleek and streamlined design combining Stainless steel, Plexiglass and chromed components.
    • Its technical features enable it to warrant consistently outstanding coffee quality throughout the day, while maintaining its reputation of quality and reliability that has resulting from a long-standing experience. Among its features, independent control boxes to control the volumetric commands, manual Steamglide lever to control the steam level horizontally and precisely via a ceramic cartridge, hot water dispenser with 2 programmable time-delay keys, steam dispenser with 1 programmable time-delay key.
    • Featuring the patented DCA group in place of the traditional brewing unit, the MIRA DCA open the way to professionals willing to work with single-serve E.S.E. coffee POD. The DCA system make professional brewing possible of 1 or 2 espresso from coffee POD on any MIRA models.

  • Coffee SystemTANGO ACEMT, 1 group full-automatic machine

    Coffee System
    TANGO ACEMT, 1 group full-automatic machine

    Full-automatic Coffee Machine, 1 group, 220x40 ml espresso cup/hr, 6,5 liter steam/coffee boiler, 1x1,7 kg coffee hopper for beans, 0,8- 1,5 kg hopper for powder, programmable water and steam
    • 1 group full-automatic machine.
    • 6.5 liter steam/coffee boiler.
    • Auto cleaning program.
    • Programmable water and steam.

  • Coffee SystemTraditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups with Dosamat ®

    Coffee System
    Traditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups with Dosamat ®

    Traditional Espresso Machine, 2 Maestro groups, 10,1 liter boiler, 2 independent control boxes with 4 programmable dosing program with Dosamat ® self recognition of portafilter
    • Programmable water and steam.
    • Automatic cleaning cycle.
    • The professional semi-automatic AURA line owns all the technical features of a high-end traditional espresso machine, offering the perfect harmony of aesthetics and performance.
    • Modern design of stainless steel and chrome, the AURA displays an assertive silhouette underlined with LED lighting of the tray grill and around the electronic control boxes with touchscreen interface for an intuitive programming.

  • Coffee SystemProfessional espresso coffee POD machine, 1 group for 2 pods/cups

    Coffee System
    Professional espresso coffee POD machine, 1 group for 2 pods/cups

    Professional Espresso Coffee POD Machine, 1 group for 2 pods/cups, 6,3 liter boiler, 2 programmable dosing program
    • Professional espresso coffee POD machine.
    • Coffee extraction quality and volume results are consistent through the days, weeks and months of operation on all selected drink sizes and quantities.
    • The insertion of pods is very easy from the front top by the cup warmer, and the used pods are collected into a practicable and removable drawer.
    • Drinks can be selected on the touch control box equipped with up to 6 programmable dosing selection, and with the possibility to make 1 or 2 espressos at a time per group.

  • Beverage Dispensing SystemHot Chocolate Dispenser, 3 L, black

    Beverage Dispensing System
    Hot Chocolate Dispenser, 3 L, black

    Hot Chocolate Dispenser with 3 l bowl
    • Hot chocolate dispenser ideal also for small places thanks to its compact design.
    • Transparent and extractable bowl that can be easily put in the fridge during the night.
    • The vertical tap is easy to clean and to disassemble.

  • Coffee SystemGrinder brewer 2,5 kg, single - decanter

    Coffee System
    Grinder brewer 2,5 kg, single - decanter

    Single Decanter Brewer with single 2,5 kg bean hopper - decanter to be ordered separately
    • Brew Volume can be set by "teach" mode to eliminate trial-and-error set-up.
    • PrecisionBrew™ Temperature: the brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 0.5 °C during the complete brew cycle.
    • Pulse brewing/pre-infusion: it allows the brew sequence to extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per batch of coffee.
    • Low Temp/No Brew setting allows the brew cycle to begin only when the water has reached the optimum brew temperature.

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