Cut, mix and slice with our range of vegetable slicers, food processors, mixers, meat mincers, slicers and chopping blocks

Beyond imagination

TrinityPro Vegetable Slicers, Cutter Mixers and Combined Cutter-Slicers are ergonomic and safe for exceptional dicing and mixing, exceeding all expectations. BPA-free with ErgoCert 4-star ergonomic certification, TrinityPro offers incomparable quality, absolute precision and maximum power in minimal space.


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TRS, TRK and K

Slice, dice, shred, cut, blend and emulsify in record time. TRS Vegetable Slicers, TRK Combined Cutter-Slicers and K Cutter Mixers offer increased productivity, top quality and extreme sturdiness all in one. The reliable stainless steel structure, waterproof and ergonomic control panel, ergonomic design and silent operation make these the perfect choice for your business.


Electrolux Professional vegetable slicers offer different models – table top and freestanding – all working in continuous to grant higher productivity and outstanding performance with hoppers for large and long vegetables to fit all types of veggies and fruits.


3 in 1 machine: cutter, emulsifier and slicer. Switch food processor to slicer in a matter of seconds, without any tools. All parts in contact with food are quickly dismountable and dishwasher safe.


High powered, built to last. The ideal machines for the professional chef.
Chop, mince, grind and blend any preparation your recipe requires.

Icon waterproof

Waterproof and ergonomic control panel (IP55)

icon silent operation

Silent operation and long life for heavy jobs is ensured by a powerful compact induction motor

Icon safe

Safe storage of your blades granted by wall mounted blade holder

icon Dishwasher

100% dishwasher safe: blade, lid, scraper and stainless steel bowl

Portable mixers

Multifunctional handheld mixer

Get the best out of your ingredients with our ergonomic mixer.

Thanks to the smart speed control you can prepare a variety of creams, soups, pancake batters and mousse.



Designed to withstand intensive use of mixing, liquidising, and emulsifying in large quantities vegetable and fish soups, fruit and vegetable purées, liquid pastries and sauces directly in their cooking containers.
Perfect integration with Braising Pans
Get 180 kg of outstanding mashed potatoes in less than 5 minutes*
*tested and verified by the Electrolux Professional Chef Academy

Meat mincers

Meat mincer equipment



Bread slicer


Our meat mincers are the perfect complement to any kitchen size. Thanks to a number of accessories, you can mince meat, grate bread, cheese and nuts in a fast and effortless way.

The body is made of stainless steel to add strength and reliability. The self-ventilated double speed motor has a 24 volt control and is protected from overload by a thermal cut-out device.

Electrolux Professional extensive range of slicing machines are designed to create stylish and sleek preparations, while providing the highest quality and hygiene level in line with every professional kitchen. Our bread slicer unit is equipped with a unique safety device that avoids to access the blade, especially during cleaning.

Single-chute electric bread slicer with blade specifically designed to avoid crushing the bread for excellent presentation of the slice. Hourly output up to 14000 slices.

Healthy Food with Electrolux

Our Food Preparation goes the extra mile for healthy food!

Food safety, no cross contamination and best performance

In line with the Food Contact regulations, Electrolux Professional discontinues the use of BPA (Bisphenol A) in all plastic components.

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