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Here at Electrolux Professional, we create kitchen equipment that you can rely on. With 100 years of expertise, we constantly strive to create innovative designs that not only make your life easier but also help maximise your profits. Read More

As the first supplier worldwide to offer a complete range of kitchen equipment, you can fit out your commercial kitchen with products that fall under the same Electrolux, saving you time. This also means that you can trust that your equipment is high performing and of high quality.

Here is just some of the commercial food equipment we offer to complete your kitchen fit out, including equipment for:

  • Preparation – equipment related to the preparation of your food, including equipment to aid the peeling, cutting and mixing process as well as refrigeration tables, waste management systems and more.
  • Cooking – essential in any kitchen, this goes without saying. Equipment including XP cooking ranges, PowerGrill, Thermaline cooking ranges, SpeeDelight high-speed snack grill, Libero line front cooking and more.
  • Preservation – needed to preserve the lifespan of your food. Including refrigeration tables, cabinets and counters, ice makers, cold rooms and Cook&Chill ovens and blast chillers.
  • Distribution – necessary for any hospitality establishment. Our equipment includes servery equipment and trolleys so you can deliver your food in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Washing – the last but no less vital step in any kitchen. We offer hood type dishwashers and rack type dishwashers as well as a waste management system.

Commercial Food Equipment: Could You Benefit from Electrolux Professional?

The Electrolux Professional commercial kitchen appliances range is ideal for any commercial kitchen. Our range has been installed in many high-profile restaurant kitchens, with our equipment being credited for their continued successes. So, is Electrolux Professional right for you?

You would typically find our innovative range in the following establishments:

  • Any type of canteen e.g., schools, companies, institutions.
  • Hospitality, usually hotels, restaurants, or catering to name a few.
  • On-premises food, for example, sporting clubs etc.
  • Supermarket delicatessens and bistros

Our goal is to help you maximise your profitability by providing you with high-performance equipment that makes your life a little easier. Our sustainability also plays into this, not only by helping the planet but also by helping you cut costs and save in the long run.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances: Some FAQs

Is Electrolux Professional only available in Australia? 

No, we are a global brand and have customers all over the world who love and rely on our commercial kitchen equipment.

What makes Electrolux Professional different to its competitors? 

Our main differential point is that we can complete your kitchen fit out with equipment that is all part of our innovative Electrolux. Trying to fit out your kitchen elsewhere will mean finding different equipment from a variety of Electroluxs, leading to a non-unified kitchen.

What can I expect in terms of customer service? 

As a global brand, we have 55,000 spare parts available and are able to assist you when you need it with the help of our Customer Care global network.

We also offer other products like professional kitchen equipmentindustrial ironing machine and commercial cooking equipment – contact us now!

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