Line 6000 Heat Pump Dryer

Designed to have exceptional results with minimal effort

The new Line 6000 heat pump tumble dryers are several laps ahead of other dryers in terms of energy savings and speed. With a certified ergonomic design and a human centered approach they offer an all-round effortless experience.

The new Line 6000 heat pump tumble dryers saves you more than 60% compared to traditional dryers. With its plug & play capabilities the heat pump line can be installed almost anywhere. No need for exhaust or water cooling system.

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Easier, healthier, safer

Certified ergonomic design with a humancentred approach for an outstanding user experience.

Real-time solutions

Monitor your equipment’s status and performance from anywhere and take action to improve your business

Long Term Savings

Innovative features to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle

Outstanding productivity

Wash and dry more laundry in less time.

The iceberg effect…

A filter drawer right where you need it

The horizontal filter drawer is positioned for easy access and easy cleaning without the need to bend down. Human-centered design down to the smallest details takes the stress out of a physically demanding job.

From delicate silk to heavy cotton: manually adjust the drum speed to control the mechanical action. Garments will move correctly in the drum for the fastest drying.

Moisture balance measures the exact moisture level throughout the drying process. Protects garments and saves energy by stopping as soon as they are dry or at the moisture level you set.

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