Sometimes running a restaurant kitchen can be a very tough task. That’s why it’s so important to have a mate that helps you and never lets you down.

Electrolux Professional
Food solutions

By choosing Electrolux Professional solutions you will get exactly the flexibility, easiness and power you were looking for.

A kitchen that helps you excel

Created to be a true partner to top chefs, thermaline and Molteni from Electrolux Professional meet all the requirements of fine dining restaurants.

Every need catered to.

Whether you run chains and quick service restaurants, fine dining or full service restaurants, Electrolux Professional has the equipment that can solve even your thoughest challenges.

The Elephant

London, UK

Chef Proprietor Simon Hulstone, has been working with Electrolux Professional equipment for fifteen years, so it was an easy decision to continue his partnership with us, with 90% of The Elephant’s kitchen now made up of Electrolux Professional equipment. Take a look at the video to hear what Simon has to say.

“…Crucially, the team will be able to save time without compromising on reliability, leaving us to concentrate on producing high-quality dishes that meet the expectations of our customers. For me, that is invaluable.”

Simon Hulstone, Chef Proprietor


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The OnE solution with SkyLine, TrinityPro and LiberoPro

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