Sandford Station Retirement Village

Bristol, UK

Care Home

Sandford Station experiences the effortless laundry

Situated in the idyllic Mendip Hills, Sandford Station is a rural retirement village, built by the St Monica Trust, which consists of 102 independent living flats, houses and listed buildings.

Julie Miles, Housekeeping Team Leader at Sandford Station retirement village, explains: “As part of the package with the residents living here, we offer a laundry service. We do approximately 60-70 loads per week ranging from small items of clothing, to bed linen, quilts and curtains and everything in-between”.

Having used Electrolux Professional laundry products since the site opened, the team at Sandford Station knew that the new Electrolux Line 6000 would be a welcome addition to the high quality on-premises laundry services.

The Line 6000 dryer boasts the shortest drying time on the market and the larger model can easily process 16kg of laundry in just 42 minutes no matter what type of fabric is being dried. “The Line 6000 tumble dryer has been a good addition to our laundry because it saves us time, and is much more efficient and maintains a better heat. We’ve noticed approximately a 25% reduction in cycle times using the dryer with all different types of fabrics,” comments Julie.

Having machines that are easy for all staff to operate increases productivity for the Sandford Station laundry team. “The new digital display has helped with the service because there are a lot more programs to choose from, so we now have a wider variety of drying functions to suit all needs,” says Julie.  “We’ve already been using some of the new programs, for instance the ‘wool program’ has helped to prevent the shrinkage of woollen garments, and the ‘airing program’ ensures the washing goes back to the customer perfectly dried.”

Thanks to its built-in heat pump, the Line 6000 dryer can offer energy savings of up to 60% compared to traditional tumble dryers. What’s more, the use of a heat pump also eliminates the need for exhaust, ventilation and water cooling systems.

Julie concludes: “The heat pump dryer is good for a basement laundry because it doesn’t need external extraction and it’s quieter than a normal tumble dryer. We’ve also noticed a huge difference in the noise. It’s a lot quieter than the other dryer that we are using – anything you can cut down on is great, and the residents living upstairs appreciate less noise.

“I would recommend the new heat pump Line 6000 dryer from Electrolux – it’s a good addition to our existing laundry equipment.”

“Why Electrolux?”

Julie Miles – Housekeeping Team Leader

“The Line 6000 tumble dryer has been a good addition to our laundry because it saves us time, and is much more efficient and maintains a better heat. We’ve noticed approximately a 25% reduction in cycle times using the dryer with all different types of fabrics”.

“The new dryer is also much easier to clean and maintain. In terms of lint removal, it’s a simple drawer to pull out to empty the lint whereas before we had to take the whole front of the machine off in order to clean it. It’s much easier”.

List of installed equipment:

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