Frozen drinks and creams dispensers

Flexibility and innovation, endless possibilities for frozen drinks and creams, satisfy your customers’ taste all year round.

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Design and technology

User friendly, low maintance cooling system

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Flexible use

Serving the right frozen beverage every time

Frozen Granita Dispensers

Innovation, performance and design

From small bars to high volume businesses.
Our I-TANK BOWL perfectly mantains the slush consistency. It has been designed to control and isolate the temperature from the summer heat.
Sleek and colorfull, this dispenser will attract customers to a refreshing break.

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Frozen Cream Dispensers

An easy and delicious way to enhance your menu

Our frozen cream dispenser is one of the smallest machines of its type. Expand what you offer, drive profits and attract new customers with the latest Electrolux compact range of frozen dispensers.

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Frozen Granita and Frozen Cream Dispensers

Simple and reliable. Built to last.

Electrolux’s new frozen granita and frozen cream dispensers have a design and technology that enable you to reduce your time and improve your workflow profits and customer satisfaction.
Various transparent bowl configurations produce frozen products, like sorbets, perfect in taste and texture.
The latest I-TANK technology prevents ice or condensation accumulating on the outer side of the bowl.


Frozen Granita, Frozen Cream and Soft Ice Cream Dispensers

One solution, five possibilities.

Create 5 different chilled and dessert specialties in one unique solution: soft ice-cream, frozen yogurt, chilled coffee cream, sorbet and slush depending on your needs at any given moment.
I-TANK technology keeps the bowl from ice or condensation accumulating.
Easy to operate touch screen, sleek and simple design.


Video Tutorials

How to use the SP ULTRA Sherbet & Frozen Cream Dispenser

How to use the I-PRO Frozen Granita Dispenser

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