Did you know that 5 star service can come with no waste?

Whatever your kitchen needs, Electrolux Professional has an all-round solution that can boost your productivity and sustainability.

We think both of Hotel Chains and Independent Hotels.

Do you know what matters most to your hotel guests?

The latest industry research shows that:

  • 99% of guests surveyed considered good-quality towels and bed linen very important
  • 96% said they wouldn’t return to a hotel if the towels or bed linen were poor-quality or stained.

Don’t let this happen to you, take control and ensure perfect hygiene and cleanliness with an in-house laundry from Electrolux Professional.

The Grand Hotel

Lytham, St Annes

To cope with its constant cleaning demands, the hotel opted for opted for two W5240 and two W5105 High Spin washers of 240l and 105l volume to strike a balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time.

“…By gaining control over our energy usage we’ve seen big savings in our utilities. In cost terms, our energy usage has come down at least 30 per cent now that it’s so much more controllable.”

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How do we make the difference?

Food serviceLaundry solution

Our Solutions for your Hotel’s kitchen

thermaline cooking range


  • Save up to 60% on energy costs while improving performance with thermaline premium cooking range
  • The full-surface induction top makes cooking lots of products at once easier than ever.
air-o-steam-touchline hotel


  • Cook the eco-friendly way with Touchline air-o-steam, the greenest combi oven currently on the market
  • more flexible menus, leaner and more streamlined workflows, less waste plus time, cost and energy savings.
dishwashing equipment


  • Keep food cool with best-in-class energy efficiency in ecostore refrigerated cabinets
  • help make your kitchen more sustainable and productive.

Why a Hotel needs an In-House Laundry?

inhouse laundry work

Superb Cleanliness

  • Superb cleanliness and hygiene thanks to custom programs and wash processes
  • gives you true control over processes and costs.

Precise control

  • Precise control over hygiene and cost control with the Certus Management Information System
  • Up to 50% lower running costs with the Automatic Saving System and Heat Pump Technology.
inhouse laundry hotel

Higher Availability

  • Higher availability and lower workwear costs due to faster laundry turnaround
  • lower your energy and water consumption.

The green side of hospitality

lagoon® Advanced Care: the power of water


Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent.

Delicate on the delicates

Outstanding results, for your valet service, with most precious textiles and fine wool labelled dry-clean only.

A complete cleaning service in 55 minutes

The vanguard of wet-cleaning: all the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning. Get your uniforms always perfectly clean, respected and done in time.

lagoon® Advanced Care

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The voice of our customers

laundry general manager hotel middlethorpe

When it comes to cleanliness it’s best to keep thing in-house

Laundry is a priority for us. Possessing an in-house laundry gives us complete control over our linen and its quality. The smell and crispness of the linen are important details that help us to maintain the luxuious nature of our premises. It  is easy for all my staff to use, and it performs consistently“.

Lionel Chatard, Director of Middlethorpe Hall
Hotel – York, UK

food service for hotel

A partner you can rely on

I appreciate the user-friendliness of Electrolux appliances very much. Electrolux Professional has its own pre-sales department, a large experience and an immense international expertise“.

Mansour Memarian, Executive Chef at The Chedi Andermatt
Andermatt, Switzerland

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