MultiSlim compact oven

Short on space in your kitchen?
Need to cut running costs without compromises on cooking performances?

The new MultiSlim compact oven is the perfect fit for your restaurant and bar.

Green savings

Using up to 15% less water than standard injection ovens, MultiSlim compact oven is better for the environment and saves on your utility bills.

Cook in less space

Space-saving dimensions, just 0.42 m2, make MultiSlim compact oven ideal for small kitchen.
Right or left door-opening. If your kitchen layout changes, simply replace the door on site with one that opens the other way.


MultiSlim compact oven is designed for long term and heavy duty use. Weighting just 72 kg, the multifunctional oven is built using robust and high quality materials.

MultiSlim compact oven,
your menu at your fingertips

Fast and easy navigation through programs, functions and cooking parameters with a single precision jog dial.
Just push to select.

With its simple programmable interface, MultiSlim compact oven lets you create, save and load up to 99 recipes.

The right accessory for the perfect recipe

Easy and fast. Check a short list of recipes and connected accessories.
Get your copy now.

MultiSlim compact ovens: technical details.

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