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Beverage solutions for your business

Electrolux Professional presents the new beverage solutions created to expand your beverage offerings while reducing waste, simplifying use, and exceeding your customers’ expectations for delicious, quality beverages.


Experience beverage perfection every time with quality hot drinks at your fingertips. Save energy, space and expenses without compromising on quality. Whether its traditional coffee machines or an automatic bean to cup that can do it all, or even a hot chocolate dispenser.


Freshness and flavour at the touch of a button, available anytime, anywhere. Our bubblers and juice dispensers are the perfect solution to fit your business needs. Drive profits and gain new satisfied customers.


Looking for an easy and delicious way to enhance your menu? Serve your customers an extensive variety of treats like Frozen Granita, Frozen Creams & Soft Ice Creams! The perfect way to boost your business and satisfy your customers’ taste buds all year round.


Everyone’s dream is a soft serve ice cream. Small, silent and powerful soft ice cream dispensers will make your business boom. Perfect for businesses that want to target new customers without investing in expensive equipment. We can guarantee our high performance cream dispensers will give you the best results every time.

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