Cool to be sustainable: ecostore Refrigerated and Freezer Cabinets

Electrolux Professional ecostore refrigerators is a complete range for all pockets. They are recognized already by the market as a reliable partner with high performance and optimized usable space, following mandatory European Energy Label for professional refrigerators and freezers.

A road towards excellence: choose a product that goes beyond expectations, setting the bar for a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle!

Electrolux Professional solutions for refrigeration include the new High Performing and Efficiency line (HPe) of Professional refrigerated and freezer cabinets, that are our best in class for energy consumption and real usable capacity*.

High efficiency models for all pockets. Top energy efficiency products in class A (refrigerated cabinets) and class B (freezers).

Details make the difference.  The optimal 90 mm thick insulation, the high efficiency components and all the intelligent strategies are designed and implemented to reduce the energy consumption.

*as declared on the European Energy Label, based on the ratio between the energy consumption (299kWh/year) and the net capacity (503lt) of a standard full door cabinet (test made based on information available on EPREL)

Energy savings

Cut your electricity bill by up to 80%* with Electrolux Professional ecostore Premium HPe in class A.
*Calculated on a 503lt (net volume) full-door refrigerated cabinet, replacing a class G appliance with a class A.

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Best in class in energy efficiency and in capacity for the ecostore family

Energy efficiency

Choose a product that goes beyond expectations. We want to set the bar for a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle, achieving lower consumption less than 300 kWh/year on 504 lt capacity storage.

Storage capacity

Thanks to their new design, the Electrolux Professional ecostore cabinets provide, on average, 50 litres more available space, compared to equivalent cabinets in the market. Exceptional sturdiness is guaranteed by internal and external full AISI 304 stainless steel construction.

Smart Performance

ecostore Premium cabinets, equipped with Frost Watch Control provide great advantages in kitchens with frequent door openings, because they optimize defrosting avoiding sudden changes in temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation, food damage and high energy consumption.

Easy to use

Are you looking for a more advanced interaction? Premium line has a simple management through the APP via Bluetooth connection that makes life easier for our customers. All the range is connectivity ready for remote monitoring.

R290 IS OUR STANDARD GAS FOR BUILT-IN models (Hydrocarbon) which is more energy efficient than other refrigerants and reduces energy consumption by approximately 12%, thus mitigating the effect on global warming. R290 is a less corrosive refrigerant gas which extends the life of the compressor and reduces maintenance costs.

CO2 is our green proposal for remote installation, safe for the environment. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and 20% more energy efficient**, with a heat exchange 5 times higher** than a standard HFC system. CO2 is climate friendly, has no Ozone Depletion Potential and its Global.

** comparison based on a cooling circuit using HFC R404A, among the best refrigerants used in refrigeration

We are proud to have our products listed on The Energy Technology List (ETL), a government list of energy-saving products used by businesses. The certification assures you to have purchased energy-efficient equipment which meets the ETL criteria.

Manage your professional refrigeration equipment from your device

Go smart with the Electrolux Professional Fridge Control APP: thanks to a simple and intuitive graphic interface, it is possible to manage various parameters, monitor the status of the ecostore cabinet in real time with the Bluetooth connection and download the HACCP data history easily and efficiently.

Uncompromised food preservation

The high quality of your food will not be compromised! Electrolux Professional ecostore Refrigerators are the perfect solution for the best preservation of your food. ecostore cabinets: your food’s guardian of freshness.

OptiFlow, the intelligent air circulation system which adapts to your load for the best cooling results, assures the optimal temperature uniformity and in any loading conditions to guarantee high quality preservation and to reduce food waste prolonging the shelf life of the food.

Gaskets, grids and wire baskets

To preserve the food, accessories for refrigeration are the most valuable asset in your kitchen. Choosing the proper accessory is a guarantee for correct and efficient operation.
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