Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with HeroDry, the free-standing blower

At Electrolux Professional, we are strongly committed to protecting our environment. The transition to a greener world has started and HeroDry, the free-standing blower for reusable cups and tableware, is one of our sustainable solutions part of our “Circular economy” initiative.

Indeed, International directives are aiming more and more at a mandatory reduction of single-use consumables. EU Norm 2019/904 requires that EU Member States adopt measures aimed to reduce the consumption of certain single-use plastics, affecting the food & beverage sector as well.


Embrace reusable cups and tableware to zero waste

Best drying

Dry up to 750 cups/h at 50 °C. Make your tableware ready to be used immediately, thanks to the innovative drying module


Improve operator's efficiency thanks to the smart user interface

Easy to install

Designed to fit in all working configurations and customizable on-site

Energy savings

Save up to 60% in energy consumption*
thanks to the new energy saving device

* Internal test done in Electrolux Professional R&D Laboratory. Comparison done with the average standard programs common in the market vs the eco cycle program by HeroDry.

Go green, go for an energy efficient solution

Reusable tableware run out fast during busy times? HeroDry is the ideal support in the washing area.
  • Save time and reduce costs
    Dry quickly and perfectly thanks to the innovative high air temperature system. Decrease your energy bill and get the best for your operators’ working time.
  • Guaranteed hygiene
    The airflow temperature at 50 °C will make your tableware dry at the end of the cycle and ready to be used immediately without extra manual operation.

Circular economy

Join the circular revolution with Electrolux Professional solutions and discover a new way of doing business that benefits the environment, the society, and your bottom line.

Watch the video and learn with us how to reduce single-use disposals and give a new life to your reusable cups and more.

Select the cycle that best fits your needs

Suitable for quickly drying all types of reusable tableware: glass, ceramic, aluminum, and even reusable plastic.

Select the program you want between standard and eco cycles, based on your needs. The innovative interface allows the monitoring of the cycle status.

Designed to fit all configurations

Render your washing area forceful and faster.
Add the HeroDry solution next next to the whole
range green&clean dishwashers.

HeroDry is customizable on-site, frontal, left or
right feeding direction and corner configuration.

Choose the dedicated detergents and accessories

To get the best washing results, you need to choose the right machine, match the proper water treatment system and also select the specific rinse aid and the specific basket in the HeroDry.

Rinse aid




Dedicated basket

1 piece included

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