Line 6000 Tumble Dryers

Professional Tumble Dryers designed for humans, and the environment.

The new Line 6000 Tumble Dryers stand out for their energy efficiency, speed, and certified ergonomic design, offering a smooth experience and easing the physical strain on laundry operators.
This combination of features distinguishes them from other dryers on the market.


Energy savings

Cut your energy consumption by two-thirds with new high-productivity Heat Pump Dryer technology.

Shaping the sustainable laundry

Easy, healthy & safe operation

Human-centred design with certified ergonomics

Long-term savings

Intelligent moisture management to avoid wasted energy

Outstanding productivity

Fast cycle times and even drying for a wide range of fabrics

Easy, healthy and safe operation

Running a professional laundry is a physically demanding job and poor machine design can impact operator wellbeing and productivity.

Line 6000 Tumble Dryers have been designed with safe and repetitive operation in mind and are the only range of dryers to receive the Ergocert 4-star rating.

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Ideal height

The door is positioned at the most ergonomically suitable height. This makes a real difference for loading and unloading.

A better grip

Open and shut the door smoothly thanks to the handle design and easy-close magnetic door.

Safer for users

The insulated glass door* stays cool on the outside so there is no risk of burned fingers or hands

Easily accessible filter drawer

The filter drawer is oriented horizontally to ensure easy access and effortless cleaning, eliminating the requirement to stoop or bend down.

Long-term savings

Dry not overdry

Generally tumble dryers use up to three times more energy than commercial washing machines. However, the Line 6000 series offers long-term savings through bult-in efficiency features.

The Moisture Balance function measures the exact moisture level of the garments throughout the drying process and stops the cycle as soon as the desired level of dryness is reached.

The Line 6000 Heat Pump Dryer offers even further energy savings and can reduce power consumption by 65% compared to a vented dryer.

Outstanding productivity

Best result with all fabrics
Maximize throughout using the Drum Speed feature. It adapts the speed of the drum and mechanical action to the fabric type to dry garments as quickly as possible.
High performance, less noise
The Adaptive Fan control* function automatically adjusts the fan speed to the weight of the load. This not only saves energy but ensures an even drying result.

*The Adaptive Fan control is only available with the electric version of TD6-14 and TD6-20 models

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