Waste Management System

Waste Disposal Unit

The Electrolux Waste Management System is a compact, innovative system for the treatment of organic waste which allows:

  • Up to 80% reduction of the volume of organic waste, thanks to its unique process of waste treatment.
  • Reduction of running costs for the kitchen, since the treated waste can be stored in a standard environment, reducing or eliminating the need for additional refrigerated rooms.
  • Reduction of waste collection costs and of related environmental pollution.
  • Production of a dry waste that can be further used to produce biogas or compost, allowing complete re-usage of organic waste.

Food waste is loaded through the intake, it passes through a grinding and centrifugal dehydratation process, and is finally collected in a waste bin situated in front of the appliance. All in one unit!

Electrolux Waste Disposal Unit is the perfect choice for sites with limited space and lots of business!

Waste management system

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