Line 6000 eco-range detergents:
the natural choice to clean all linen and textiles

Certified expertise to grant you unparalleled performances and results everyday

Expand the sustainability of your business
by choosing the right workmates

Satisfying the requirements of the EUROPEAN ECOLABEL

means respecting very strict specifications on raw materials, high performance criteria and rigorous environmental-friendly approach.

Ecolabel certified, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Line 6000 eco-range detergents have been developed to offer high quality,
safety and effectiveness ensuring low environmental impact.

L00 – Laundry
Eco Degreaser

L01 – Laundry
Eco Powder

L02 – Laundry
Eco Wash

L03 – Laundry
Eco Booster

L04 – Laundry
Eco Bleach

L05 – Laundry
Eco Softener

For your complete laundry operation

Prespotting and Prebrushing agents
Descaling agent

Proud to be green

Communicate your choice to your customers and
gain preference and extra trust.

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