Energy-saving solutions for your Professional Laundry

Cut the total operating costs of your professional laundry without compromising on throughput.

Combine high-spin commercial washing machines with a new generation of heat pump dryers to offset the impact of rising energy costs and remain competitive. Complete the laundry cycle with our ironers for perfect results!


Energy savings

Intelligent investment for tangible returns – save up to 70% of professional laundry running costs when you partner a Line 6000 high-spin washer with heat pump dryer.

*When comparing a normal spin washer and vented dryer (WN6-14 and TD6-14) with WH6-14 and TD6-14HP.

Shaping the sustainable laundry

Lower chemical & detergent consumption

Lower life-cycle costs thanks to intelligent dosing functions

Maximum dewatering

High extraction speeds to streamline water usage

Maintain throughput with 65% less energy

Faster drying cycles thanks to new heat pump technology

Lower chemical & detergent consumption

Detergents, chemicals and utilities make up 90% of a commercial washing machine’s life-cycle cost.

Eliminate over-dosing and improve total cost of ownership through intelligent features available on ClarusVibe models. Automatically adjust the detergent based on load weight using the Intelligent Dosing feature, while the Integrated Savings function provides real-time data to avoid over or underloading the machine.


Maximum dewatering

Maximize dewatering in the wash phase to minimize moisture content and shorten drying times.

The Automatic Savings feature weighs the linen and automatically adjusts water intake to the actual load. This helps save water, energy and detergent on any loads that are less than a full load.

The Power Balance function helps achieve the lowest possible water retention ahead of the drying phase by providing real-time unbalance monitoring and G-factor adjustment throughout the extraction sequence of the drying phase.

Maintain drying throughput with 65% less energy

Achieve comparable drying cycle times to a vented commercial tumble dryer with a fraction of the energy consumption.

New technology inspired by advances in domestic air-conditioning applications enables 35-minute drying cycles – twice as fast as a traditional heat pump dryer – for increased productivity, quiet operation and swift ROI.

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