Line 6000 Drying Cabinets

Fast and efficient drying for bulky and sensitive items.

Enhance your drying process by incorporating Line 6000 Drying Cabinets, specialists in effectively drying a wide range of niche items.


Energy savings

Save up to 40% on running costs with Heat Pump technology and auto-stop programs.

Uninterrupted Dry Comfort

Outstanding flexibility

Dry anything from skiwear to silk in one unit

Fast drying times

Dry a 6kg cotton load in less than 45 minutes

Easy and efficient operation

Use just 0.33 kWh of energy per kg of laundry

Outstanding flexibility

From delicate fabrics such as silk, wool and velvet, which would become damaged if dried using mechanical action; through to outdoor clothing, ski and mountain wear; drying cabinets offer outstanding flexibility for multi-house apartment laundries, as well as high street laundries and hotels.

They also offer a specialist drying solution for specific applications such as schools and kindergartens, as well as outdoor working environments such as construction and firefighting.

Fast drying times

The Line 6000 Drying Cabinets can process 6kg of cotton in less than 45 minutes. Available in a broad range of sizes, and with accessories for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) , gloves and shoes, multiple items can be dried during the same cycle.

All units can also be programmed to stop the drying process once the desired residual moisture level has been reached, keeping cycle times and running costs to a minimum.

Easy and efficient operation

Line 6000 Drying Cabinets are available in four different heat pump-powered models to help deliver a more sustainable laundry environment, with the potential to save up to 40% on running costs.

Each cabinet is equipped with programs which automatically stop when the load is dry to further improve efficiency, reduce operational expenditure and help the planet.

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