The new frontier of green ice: Ice Makers

Ice plays a crucial role in various sectors. From chilling beverages and preserving food to creating visually appealing displays, the type and quality of ice can enhance your customers’ experience and set you apart from the competition.

Discover the range of the Electrolux Professional  cubes, half dice, and granular Ice Makers that is designed to meet all sizes of catering outlets, with models:

  • from 22 to 155 kg of cubes per 24 hours
  • from 140 to 237 kg of half dice ice per 24 hours
  • from 66 to 655 kg of granular ice per 24 hours


ExtrA sustainable


Electrolux Professional Ice Makers range uses R290, a
less aggressive and more eco-friendly alternative to
traditional gas refrigerants, assuring:

• Lower energy consumption
• Longer lifetime of components

Zero waste, high efficiency

Easy to use

Improve operator's efficiency thanks to the electronic self control system

Hygiene and cleanibility

Easy self-cleaning for highest standards of hygiene and cleanability


Sturdy construction, developed for heavy duty usage

Ice cubers

Appreciated for the elegant shape and for its high performance, the truncated
cone shape makes them suitable for all types of glasses. Its fast cooling action and slow dilution keep drinks chilled for a long time. Gourmet ice type, used for garnishing drinks in bars.

Business segments:
• Hotels, restaurants, bar, discos


Half dice Ice Makers

High speed ice: quick to produce cubes that cool the drink at full
speed. Its greater surface for heat exchange promotes rapid chilling.

Meeting the needs of fast-food businesses: versatile uses, high productivity, fast cooling drinks

Business segments:
• Quick service restaurants and discos

Granular Ice Makers

Ice produced just below zero degrees Celsius.
Highly versatile, it’s suitable for multiple applications,
including fish display counters, buffet displays, frozen
drink preparations, as well as champagne buckets.

Business segments:
• Retail, industry, medicine


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