The 900XP and 700XP ranges

Fit perfectly for quick service and full service restaurants

700XP range

The new 700XP stove incorporates a number of clever innovations to improve cooking efficiency and productivity:

  • High power Induction Top and woks increase performance assure low heat emissions to increase savings and a better cooking environment.
  • The Electric Hob Top offers small, labour-intensive kitchens increased productivity as compared to standard electric plates.
  • The exclusive “flower flame” burners guarantee flexibility and high efficiency. Because of their unique shape, the flame is precisely adjusted to fit pans of any diameter.

900XP range

  • Automatic Pasta Cooker HP is extremely versatile. Not only pasta, it boils meat, vegetables, potatoes, rice, cereals and more.
  • PowerGrill: high performance grilling system and superior heat uniformity.
  • 1200mm-wide Fry TopHP: superb productivity and quality of cooking.
  • Gas convection oven: increased productivity by cooking on 2 levels, and maximizing kitchen operations.
  • “Flower flame” burners: flame adapts to pots of any diameter, heats only the bottom.

Accessories for 900XP and 700XP

professional degreaser hot surfaces

Professional degreaser

Our professional degreaser is the ideal cleaning solution for cooking surfaces at high temperatures. It is reccomended for fry tops, braising pans and multifunctional cookers.

pasta-cooker basket

Pasta cooker baskets

Entirely made in AISI 304 to ensure maximum hygiene, our baskets are designed to offer maximum ergonomics.

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Modular Cooking

Cooking race

Flower flame

Flower flame with thermographic


Multifunctional cooker

Pasta cooker

Programmable pasta cooker

Programmable fryer

HP electric grill

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