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Fryers HP include new features to help boost your business.
Faster, easier, crispier. Batch after batch.

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Fryers HP take the stress out of frying. Automatic Cooking Function automatically adapts cooking parameters according to your load, to ensure perfect results again and again.

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Cut your oil consumption and running costs with Fryers HPAdvanced Filtration System, the two stages filtration system, makes cleaning and filtration operations faster and safer.

Whatever your frying needs, the latest generation of Fryers HP can make the difference to your business.

Fries Special – Electrolux Fryers HP

Super fast heat up and speedy temperature recovery ensure high performance and let you cook more batches in a shorter time. Up to 38 kg* of potatoes per batch = 38 kg of potatoes an hour per well.
* Standard Reference from ASTM F1361 – Deep Fat Fryers

Donut Special – Electrolux Fryers HP

Work faster and eliminate user error by simply saving your favorite frying cycles to use again and again.
Scheduling tasks is easy: saving you time and increasing efficiency in your kitchen.

Recipes Special – Electrolux Fryers HP

Cooking perfectly crisp food, portion after portion just got faster and easier.

Discover and enjoy some professional recipes using the new Fryers HP.

Discover more of the two new features that make Fryers HP fry more, better and faster.

Advanced Filtration System

Keep it clean. The Advanced Filtration System of Fryers HP massively increases the life of your oil and prevent your food from getting greasy by using the right paper filter for your fryer.

Automatic Cooking Function

Time saving, the new Automatic Cooking Function thanks to the automatic load compensation, maximises the efficiency in your kitchen, adjusting the cooking cycle.


New EU Legislation

There will be a new EU acrylamide legislation (Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2158), which will apply from April 2018.
This implies that:

  • temperatures must be kept between 160 and 175 °C when frying;
  • potatoes need to be cooked until golden yellow colour;
  • no overcooking;
  • when preparing smaller quantities of potatoes than indicated on pack, reduce the cooking time, to avoid excessive browning of the product.

New electronic 23-litre Fryers HP with Automatic Cooking Function are perfect to meet these requirements!

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Fryers HP

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