Standard Drying Cabinets


COD DC6-14

DC6-14 Drying Cabinet. 2 doors. 1800mm

Product Features

In order to see which drying cabinet is available in your market, please check with your local sales representative.
Drying Cabinets have no mechanical action and are used to efficiently dry bulky items such as workwear/overalls/gloves and boots or delicate items such as silk and linen.
Long-term savings
By using a Drying Cabinet with a Heat Pump, not only can you avoid exhaust connection you also achieve very low energy consumption. Comes with a built in condensing pump which can hande 0.5m pressure height
Priority on people
Ergonomic design, with user friendly positioning of door handle, control panel and suitable for
isabled users
• Easy operation with 2 automatic drying programs, which will stop once the load is dry
• The control panel has Braille for the visually impaired
• Large doors and opening angles for easy access
• One extensible hanger for easy loading/unloading
• Hanging ability in the short end for smaller garments
• Flexible installation with adjustable feet
Time saving when used instead of flat or hang drying. The door can be opened a short moment without stopping the drying process.
Option to activate child safety start lock.

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