Quick and
Full-Service Restaurants

Smart Solutions for Quick and Full-Service Restaurants


In today’s fast-paced world, speed of service is key to maximising covers and meeting busy diner demands.

Speed up your fresh produce prep with our Red Dot award-winning TrinityPro series of compact, tabletop slicers, cutters and mixers; while our extensive range of cold beverage  and soft serve ice cream dispensers  can keep operators cool under consumer pressure with the ability to dispense up to 650 units an hour.


Hospitality outlets are facing the biggest staff shortage in a generation. Electrolux Professional’s SkyLine  range of combi ovens and SpeeDelight  high-speed countertop cooking solution can be pre-programmed with bespoke visual icons to cook hundreds of different recipes at the touch of a button.

Each recipe can be scaled-up across multi-site operations to keep your sites ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends and provide consistently tasty food from operators of all skill levels, all over the country.


With spiralling utility costs, keeping tabs on your sites’ energy consumption has never been more important.

Identify inefficient operation – at scale – with real-time energy monitoring and fault diagnostics across all outlets with the Electrolux Professional OnE platform.

Built-in HACCP Verified function provides automatic digital documentation to ensure evidence of compulsory safe cooking and storage processes for every piece of equipment – from prime cooking through to refrigeration and dishwashing – at every site, can be found quickly and easily.

Discover more about our complete solution for quick and full-service restaurants:

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