SpeeDelight high speed cooking solution

Fast has never tasted so good

SpeeDelight gives you the freedom to combine speed, quality and creativity: be a sprinter when you cook and an ace when it comes to business.


Peerless cooking performance

Chef-worthy snacks thanks to the combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

For your food:
crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside.


Worry-free finish

Press the button and your job is done: the lid will rise automatically when your snack is ready.

For your food:
it won’t burn, and you’re safe to do something else!


An intelligent press

The upper plate settles automatically on your food with just the right pressure.


For your food:
say goodbye to sandwiches that are overly flattened or not crispy enough.

Electrolux Professional’s SpeeDelight takes top prize at the Plus X Awards

The Plus X Awards recognize innovative and sustainable design, with awards handed out for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy-to-use operating systems

Plus X Award

SpeeDelight PEP

Plug-in and free your mind! >>

Electrolux Professional has launched the new SpeeDelight PEP – a versatile and more dynamic variant of its high speed cooking solution complete with 13 amp 3-pin plug, to support all types of bars, pubs, kiosks and cafés, as well as fast food chains

SpeeDelight Menu Editor

Customize your icons and make it easy for your employees to choose the perfect recipe every time!

Customize your SpeeDelight Menu >>

speedelight menu editor
speedelight recipes

All around the World
All around the Clock

Enhance your menu with new recipes, thought and developed to cover different times of the day and different culinary tastes.

Speed it up: it’s crisp o’clock! >>

The cherry on top
Peace-of-mind solutions with our Customer Care package

Accessories and consumables for premium maintenance.

This kit will keep your SpeeDelight high speed cooking device in peak form so it can do what it does best: brush, spatula, scraper, removable teflon plate, baking paper, silicon protector, cleaning solutions, rapid grease.

SpeeDelight and Your Business…

See how SpeeDelight can profit your business, you could cut the time your meals are ready and cut your expense. To find out more on how you could be able to save yourself £70,000 (or more!) Contact us using the form below or the orange button on the bottom right! Let SpeeDelight help your business get back to the crisp.

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