Building your value Chain. Together.

Electrolux Professional’s dedicated restaurant chains team recognizes your need for consistency.

Whether your business is a hotel or restaurant chain, a healthcare provider or a leisure group, Electrolux Professional is on hand to make sure every kitchen within your brand can deliver the same levels of innovation, sustainability, safety and simplicity.

Thanks to our global experience and commitment to excellence and your ambition, we can build your successful chain together.


Blending, breading and sifting solutions

Crunchy and tasty time after time
Ergonomics and smooth operations.  Combining soaking, blending, breading and sifting, the Electrolux Professional Breading Stations make fried food preparation easy, safe and efficient.


Compact and Plug & Play

The sifting process is very important for the result of high quality fried foods. Keep lasting longer oil thanks to a consistent quality of the flour,
guaranteed by the automatic dual-action sifting system.

Hero Drum

The  Patented* Hero Drum will avoid unwanted dough balls dropping in your frying oil. Worry-free working activities thanks to the resistant and highly efficient a Hero Drum, unique in the industry and your best ally for sifting accuracy.

*EP2875738B1 and related family

How to blend, bread and sift

Make fried food preparation easy, safe and efficient. Non-stop business allowing to bread the next batch, while sifting is ongoing.

Your choice, limitless flavor, in one simple answer

Discover how less means more
Flexible choices, safe and easy to use, cold beverage dispensers are the answer to offering your customers innovative, delicious new drink options.



Less counter space with their compact size

Less time in cleaning

Less waste with product dispensed to the last drop

Interchangeable BPA-free bowls with locking lid

More for less

Your choice, limitless flavors, in one simple answer. More service and safety.

Power and Performance

High performance grilling wherever you are, even in no-gas zones
Want a grill that delivers uniformly perfect results with no burning, super fast heat up times and that can handle even the busiest service?


XP Grills HP

High Productivity

900XP and 700XP Electric PowerGrillHP's quick heat technology, not only heat the grill in record time, but also cut cooking times too thanks to heating elements coupled with cooking grids and Heat Boost removable deflectors.

Perfect results

Even, flawless grilling, portion after portion and the fastest heat-up time ever. 900XP and 700XP Electric PowerGrillHP's unique design reduce the distance between heating elements and cooking grids for uniform heat distribution.

Easy to clean

Cleaning your 900XP and 700XP Electric PowerGrillHP couldn’t be simpler with dishwasher-safe, removable cooking grids. Integrated water tap, grease collecting basin and drain for quick filling and emptying.

High performance

Reduce grilling times, save on energy and use different cooking modes with 900XP and 700XP Electric PowerGrillHP's precision Energy Control. The grill can be kept at minimum when not in use and then reach temperature in record-breaking time.

Less time. Less waste.

Grill anywhere including shopping malls and historical downtowns. With a built-in water tank, tiltable heating element and special design of the positioning of heating element, cleaning is no longer a hassle.

Designed to offer a full of flavour experience

Automate the coffee making process with TANGO espresso machine
Design and technology are combined to always provide you the best coffee machine for your business, whether it is a small restaurant or a big café.

Bring your coffee to the next level

The first-in-industry DUO is capable of making 4 drinks simultaneously, offering unmatched speed while providing a high quality extraction.

TANGO Dual Infusion Chamber

The TANGO ST-STP range takes full advantage of the Dual Infusion Chamber and Electrolux Professional expertise in espresso equipment manufacturing for unrivaled performance and extraction quality.

DUO makes 4 drinks simultaneously

Offering unmatched speed and responding to all requirements from coffee and hospitality sectors. The perfect cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso… time after time.

A unique holding solution for take away and delivery

More capacity? Peak times? We’ve got you covered
From pizza, burgers, fries and even gourmet dishes, SafeBox Hold can store any type of take-away container, ready for pickup, so you can have hot and tasty food delivered to your customers without worrying about bacteria proliferation.*/**

The unique “3-barrier” technology

safebox_stacked_940x1400_mod ok
  • Ventilated heating system to envelop the packaged meals with hot air and preserve the original taste (temperature up to 85°C)
  • A photocatalytic nano-coating on both stainless steel handles creates an outer barrier ensuring up to 99.9% antibacterial activity** while providing constant sanitization.
  • Up to 99.9% bacterial reduction on food packaging*, thanks to fast heat recovery in combination with the UVC LED mounted on the ceiling, which also kills bacteria and viruses

* test performed by the University of Udine on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, using pizza boxes and
paper bags, setting the temperature at 75 °C for 10 minutes. The results may vary depending on the packaging
materials used and the distance between the packages and the UVC LED (test report available on request).
** tested by third-party notified body according to ISO17094:2014 simulating a kitchen environment (with light source
according to ISO14605).

Food quality assured

Hygiene and sanitization guaranteed */**

Small footprint

Plug & Play

Uncompromised quality for take away and delivery.

Give your customers the same great taste as eating out, while sitting comfortably at home. And at the same time, make your kitchen more flexible and productive.

Innovation, performance and design

From small bars to high volume businesses
Endless possibilities for frozen drinks and creams, to satisfy your customers’ taste all year round.
FrozenGranita-Dispenser-IPRO- 600x1000



Patented technology

It perfectly maintains the slush consistency thanks to the PATENTED** I-Tank technology


The innovative design of the bowl controls and isolates the temperature from the summer heat.


Keep customers safe with nUV LED* that sanitize the bowls, reducing bacterial proliferation ensuring a high quality, fresh product at all times.

* on selected models
** Patented (EP2680708 and related family)

How to use.

Slush your way to higher profits. Perfect granita any time, anywhere.

Faster, easier, crispier. Batch after batch

Crispy and healthy
Whatever your frying needs, the latest generation of 900XP FryersHP can make the difference to your business.

MicrosoftTeams-image (38)

Less waste

900XP FryersHP take the stress out of frying. Automatic Cooking Function automatically adapts cooking parameters according to your load, to ensure perfect results again and again.


Cut your oil consumption and running costs with 900XP FryersHP . Advanced Filtration System, the two stages filtration system, makes cleaning and filtration operations faster and safer.

Time saving

Simply choose Automatic Cooking Function and your 900XP FryersHP automatically adjusts the cooking cycle to adapt to the quantity of food you have loaded to ensure perfect results cycle after cycle.

Easy to clean

Keep it clean. The Advanced Filtration System of 900XP FryersHP massively increases the life of your oil and prevent your food from getting greasy by using the right paper filter for your fryer.

Creativity meets speed with GourmeXpress,
the High Speed Oven

With the professional tabletop GourmeXpress High Speed Oven you can serve delicious food in a fast and easy way. You can cook proteins and melt cheese perfectly thanks to a combination of 3 different heating methods. This solution leads to a simpler workflow and enlarges your menu. Serving high quality products in a consistent way, day after day, regardless of the user.
GourmeXpress, the high speed oven

Rapid cooking

with high quality results


of creating a wide variety of foods


cooking programs and clean operations

Experience the future of cooking

You can serve delicious food in a fast and easy way. Discover how you can roast, grill, and reheat. This solution leads to a simpler workflow and can enlarge your menu.

High Speed cooking with endless possibilities...

rigenerated chicken wings with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Regenerated Chicken Wings

Cooked in 1,50 min
fresh salmon fillet with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Fresh Salmon Fillet

Cooked in 2 mins
regenerated lasagna with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Regenerated Lasagna

Cooked in 2 mins

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with HeroDry, the free-standing blower

At Electrolux Professional, we are strongly committed to protecting our environment. The transition to a greener world has started and HeroDry, the free-standing blower for reusable cups and tableware, is one of our sustainable solutions part of our “Circular economy” initiative.


HeroDry leaflet
HeroDry, free-standing dishware blower

Best drying

Dry up to 750 cups/h at 50 °C. Make your tableware ready to be used immediately, thanks to the innovative drying module


Improve operator's efficiency thanks to the smart user interface

Easy to install

Designed to fit in all working configurations and customizable on-site

Energy savings

Save up to 60% in energy consumption*
thanks to the new energy saving device

* Internal test done in Electrolux Professional R&D Laboratory. Comparison done with the average standard programs common in the market vs the eco cycle program by HeroDry.

Circular economy

Join the circular revolution with Electrolux Professional solutions and discover a new way of doing business that benefits the environment, the society, and your bottom line.

Watch the video and learn with us how to reduce single-use disposals and give a new life to your reusable cups and more.

Efficiency, ease of use, performance.

Efficiency with maximum reliability
Ease of use together with innovative technology; superior performance combined with low running costs.


Experience effortless dishwashing and utensil cleaning with our innovative solution. With all the necessary controls at your fingertips, you can streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency.

Our double control panels allow for easy on-site configuration in just a few simple steps, and they're designed to be easily readable and accessible, no matter the layout. You'll appreciate the front position of the internal parts, making maintenance a breeze.


Save resources and cut expenses with our efficient dishwashing solution that uses only 2.5 liters of water per washing cycle. You can now wash dishware and kitchen utensils while reducing your energy and detergent consumption.

Improve your work environment with our insulated hood that provides superior noise reduction and heating dispersion compared to single-skin products. With our product, you can enjoy a quieter and more comfortable work environment, enhancing your productivity and well-being.

Clean & Safe

Achieve the highest standards of cleanliness with our Hood Type XL. Our machine ensures total detergent removal and provides outstanding washing and rinsing performance.

Experience peace of mind with our unique WASH·SAFE CONTROL, which guarantees exceptional performance at the rinse stage. With a constant temperature of 84°C and independent water pressure regulation, you can be sure that your dishes are hygienically clean and safe for use.


Reduce physical stress thanks to the design of the dishwasher. The shaped handles guarantee good ergonomic positioning from every angle, providing maximum comfort.

An incomparable solution!

Non-scratch, extremely resistant, high quality and offers optimal hygiene
900XP Fry TopHP with NitroChromesurface is a unique, non-scratch solution, ideal for heavy duty use, easier cooking, easier cleaning and low heat emission.

Patented* non-scratch surface

NitroChrome3 guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and corrosion in addition to improving the non-stick properties of the cooking plate, ensuring express cleaning at the end of the day.

*EP3117746B1 and related family

Even grilling

Uniform heating throughout the surface, no cold zones, ensuring maximum results regardless of where the food is placed. 20mm thick heavy duty plate provides high thermal inertia for fast temperature recovery.

Cost savings

NitroChrome3 surface allows a savings of more than 10% in energy consumption** during the pre-heating phase and approximately one third in stand-by mode. 30% less time* and effort needed to clean the fry top at the end of the day.

**Calculation based on internal tests, comparing to mild steel surfaces

Food Safety guaranteed

Electrolux Professional chrome Fry Tops fully comply with the European Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Details to warm your heart

Reheat and regenerate liquid and semiliquid foods in total safety
Rethermalizing with water is the best way to reheat liquid and semiliquid foods that have previously been cooked and chilled.

Fill & Level

On its own, Rethermalizer fills its well and drains any excess liquid, keeping the water level perfect at all times. Take human error out of the equation.

Press perfect

Complex settings and too much manual input lead to guesswork and inconsistent quality. Rethermalizer’s Press Perfect function is your one-button assurance of flawless quality in a stress-free environment. Your staff will find it easy and intuitive to serve more meals than ever.

Fast has never tasted so good

Great realibility, up to 1000 cycles/day!
SpeeDelight gives you the freedom to combine speed, quality and creativity: be a sprinter when you cook and an ace when it comes to business.

Ease of use

Easiest cleaning operations and lower manpower costs thanks to the non-stick tray. A small object to assure great reliability and smooth operations.

Energy efficiency

Green & energy efficient 60%* less energy consumption with innovative Energy Saving Mode. Good for your pocket and the environment.


Serve a perfect snack in less than one minute and watch your business grow.

* based on internal test done in Electrolux Professional R&D Laboratory comparing SpeeDelight with standard panini grill in the market.

Triple play

Peerless cooking performance
Chef-worthy snacks thanks to the combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

For your food: crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside.

Has your back

Worry-free finish
Press the button and your job is done: the lid will rise automatically when your snack is ready.

For your food: it won’t burn, and you’re safe to do something else!

Perfect squeeze

An intelligent press
The upper plate settles automatically on your food with just the right pressure.

For your food: say goodbye to sandwiches that are overly flattened or not crispy enough.

Maximum taste at record speed

Chef-worthy snacks thanks to the combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

Innovation to unfreeze your potential

Speed and quality combined with the perfect Thawing cabinet
With the right thawing process, you’ll never be unprepared. And safety is guaranteed.

Safe and quick

The premium solution for bringing frozen foods up to a temperature ready for cooking. Safety is key as large volumes are thawed evenly and quickly: up to 66 kilos (145 lbs) in just 6 hours!

Food waste reduction

R290 gas reduces environmental impact and has a less aggressive effect on the refrigerator’s components than older traditional gas.

Easy-to-use cycles

Max flexibility. Up to 7 preset thawing cycles. Each of them has 3 phases with adjustable length and temperature.

TrinityPro: Beyond imagination

TrinityPro Vegetable SlicersCutter Mixers and Combined Cutter-Slicers are ergonomic and safe for exceptional dicing and mixing, exceeding all expectations. BPA-free with ErgoCert 4-star ergonomic certification, TrinityPro offers incomparable quality, absolute precision and maximum power in minimal space.
Vegetable slicers_new




Combined cutter_slicer_new


Compact and flexible

Space saving and fully accessorized, in different capacities and for multiple preparations.

High performing

A reliable, professional solution that ensures exceptional results in slicing, dicing, mixing and emulsifying.

100% Safe and easy

Operator safety guaranteed. Simple installation, intuitive control panel and easy cleaning with 100% dishwasher safe components.

Certified ergonomics

Less fatigue even when slicing hard vegetables thanks to the patented* lever pusher.

the right solution for your business

Care Segment
Elderly Homes

Care Segment

Chains Segment

How do we make the difference?

Mychef Malpensa Airport

With the MyChef brand, Areas Italia is leader in Italy in airport and highway restaurants. In recent years, they’ve chosen to dedicate 20% of their business to gourmet dining in prestigious locations, activities carried out by the MyChefEmotion division.

Pret-a-Manger Trailblazer Supplier Innovation Award

In recognition of its fantastic contribution and collaboration in Prets overwhelmingly successful toastie offering, the HSG High Speed Panini Grill was given the Pret-a-Manger Trailblazer Supplier Innovation Award in December 2010.

Eataly “Never change a winning team!”

The cooperation started in 2007, when Eataly understood that Electrolux Professional could represent not only a one-of-a-kind supplier and interlocutor, but, above all, a technical partner capable of satisfying all its needs.

Let’s create together a winning energy exchange

electrolux lean methodology
Listening to your needs permits us to focus on additional value, revolutionizing your business by reducing waste and inefficiencies at each step of work preparation.

This is the Electrolux Professional Lean Methodology, a strategic process circle specifically designed to win the game.

The world’s most extensive Customer Care network

Electrolux Professional provides the world’s most extensive Customer Care network, able to satisfy your needs with a capillary local presence before, during and after purchase.

Global R&D team: from customer insight to excellence inside

Listening to your needs permits us to focus on additional value, revolutionizing your business by reducing waste and inefficiencies at each step of work preparation.

One tailor-made, game-changing solution

By partnering with Electrolux Professional, one global fast food restaurant chain was able to significantly improve its kitchen workflows by introducing a never-before-seen food preparation concept.

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