Efficient Dosing System

Save over 30% on detergent costs.

Better for the textiles, better for your wallet.

Boost your business with significant savings

With the Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional your laundry solution will be more cost efficient than ever.

You have full control over the wash process, and the high quality output guarantees an end to damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing.

efficient dosing system

The Efficient Dosing System guarantees the best wash results at the lowest cycle cost.

Knowing the accurate weight is crucial

The Automatic Saving System determines the linen weight at the beginning of each cycle and adds the correct amount of water.

The Efficient Dosing System

It allows the washer and the detergent dispensers to communicate effectively and calculate the precise amount of detergent based on the linen weight and selected wash program.

Statistics and cost control

The system also gives you access to statistics to help you control costs via the USB connection.

efficient dosing system

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You can now calculate your savings with our online Efficient Dosing Calculator. Find out exactly how much you will save if you had the Efficient Dosing installed on your machine!

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