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The Center of Excellence from Electrolux Professional has been created with you in mind. Presenting the range of Food Service, Beverage and Laundry Solutions, our Center of Excellence provides dynamic, state of the art facilities for every customer’s requirements.


The design of the Center of Excellence provides the flexibility to demonstrate the capabilities of our equipment and its ability to meet the needs of all types of operation. Whether a care home or takeaway, hospital or hotel, Electrolux Professional is the solution.

Guests are invited to take a deep dive into the entire Electrolux Professional product and customer care portfolio, discovering the flagships innovations for Food, Beverage and Laundry, and enjoying seminars, events and live demonstrations in the training kitchens.

Catering and Beverage Solutions

Boasting a fully operational commercial kitchen and beverage area, our in house chefs can demonstrate and train on how to fully optimise your kitchen operation.

Laundry Solutions

Replicating a ‘live’ laundry, our demonstration suite shows the efficiency and versatility of our extensive product range and its ability to meet a wide range of operational needs including: Commercial laundry, lagoon advanced care, hotels, smaller laundry needs and more.

Effortless Registration

Making a booking to use the Centre of Excellence is simple. The meeting rooms, showrooms and technical training area can be booked by contacting your local area representative or email


Following recommended government guidelines we have opened our Centre of Excellence with the appropriate procedures in place.

If you would like to come in for a demo and view the OnE solution for Beverage, Food and Laundry click here.

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