WarewashingSmall Double Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle - 30b/hr (COD 402201)
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Double Skin S - electromechanic

Small Double Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle - 30b/hr

COD 402201

Glasswasher (small), with double skin, built-in rinse aid dispenser, 1 cycle, 30b/h


  • Supply voltage: 230 V/1 ph/50 Hz

    Default Installed Power: 3.3 kW

    Boiler heating elements: 3 kW

    Tank heating elements: 0,8 kW

    Wash pump size: 0.3 kW

  • Pressure, bar min/max: 1.8-3 bar

    Water supply temperature*: 10 °C

    Drain line size: 22mm

    Washing tank capacity (lt): 6

    Water consumption per cycle (lt): 2.3

    Boiler Capacity (lt): 5

    Incoming water line size: G 3/4"

  • Baskets per hour*: 30

    Working cycles time (sec.): 120

    Wash temperature: 55-65°C

    Cell dimensions - width: 400 mm

    Cell dimensions - depth: 400 mm

    Cell dimensions - height: 290 mm

    Rinse temperature: 80-90 °C

    External dimensions, Width: 460 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 565 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 715 mm

    Net weight: 37 kg

    Shipping weight: 39 kg

    Shipping height: 880 mm

    Shipping width: 650 mm

    Shipping depth: 530 mm

    Shipping volume: 0.3 m³

    Noise level: 67.5 dBA

Product Features

Maximum capacity of 30 racks per hour.
Optional rinse booster pump available to be installed on site.
Easy service access to main components without moving the unit.
Washing system endowed with rotating washing arms from both top and bottom, high powered wash pump and large capacity wash tank guarantee professional washing.
Equipped with single phase electrical cable and Schuko plug for easy and fast installation.
Simple operation control panel.
Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.
Built-in pressure boiler designed to raise incoming water to a guaranteed minimum temperature of 82°C for sanitizing rinse. No external boiler is required.
120 seconds cycle.
Low noise level.
Deep drawn pressed wash tank with fully rounded corners, sloped towards the drain to prevent dirt build up provides fast drainage in only a few minutes. Pressed wash tank with no welded points offer a guaranteed water tight solution.
304 AISI stainless steel front panel, load bearing frame, wash tank, wash and rinse arms.
Wash/rinse arms and nozzles in stainless steel.
Unit to feature rinse aid dispenser pump.
Finished in top quality stainless steel with double skinned construction to aid durability and reduce noise.
Completely closed on the back by a cover plate.
Internal components (arms and filter) are easy extractable.
Insulated double skin door construction preserves heat inside the tank to lower energy consumption and the noise. Counter-balance mechanism minimizes impact when opening and closing.

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