More than 150 years!

thermaline M2M, Made to Measure stove

The Electrolux Professional premium cooking range. Swiss design since 1871.
Production, precision and tradition for 150 years.


thermaline M2M

Create your ideal kitchen

Made to Measure is created to offer every top chef a partner for life, meeting the requirements of five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants with the latest professional technology and ultimate kitchen design.

Red Dot Award for Product Design

thermaline M2M has won the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2014, a prize that has established itself as one of the most sought-after quality marks for excellent design worldwide.

Incomparable Swiss design, endless possibilities

Power, precision and performance.
A multifunctional masterpiece created for you.


thermaline modular 80 & 90

thermaline Modular cooking ranges boast a strong internal frame resistant to bumps and corrosion.
The Free-cooking top allows you to use both pots and pans and cook food directly on contact at the same time.
The unique retro-illuminated glass display and the highly-visible LED digits, on electric version, provide full control of your operations.
The Thermodul seamless connection between cooking functions (ProThermetic boiling and braising pans included) avoids liquid infiltration.


thermaline modular 85

The most flexible modular cooking system offering multiple configurations (against the wall and back to back).

Infinite possibilities
with M2M thermaline

Check out our 25 examples of
M2M thermaline Suites!

the multi-purpose choice

the multi-functional cooking appliance suitable for different cooking modes. A tireless machine that can support you in offering a wider and international menu, 24h a day.

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