Molteni Caractère among the most prestigious world design award’s winners

Electrolux Professional’s new Molteni Caractère stove has been awarded by the GOOD DESIGN ® Awards Program.
It is the oldest and most prestigious global awards program that honors and recognizes the best design talent and manufacturing worldwide with emphasis on innovation, functionality and aesthetics.

The design of the new Molteni Caractère stove was exactly conceived to fulfill these requirements, representing Electrolux Professional’s excellence in blending established heritage with a contemporary style.

First launched in October 2017 the new Molteni Caractère stove won the 2018 edition of the prestigious award recognizing the best design talent and manufacturers in the world.

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A Unique Design.

Having established itself at the heart of some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, the latest generation of the iconic Molteni stove promises to deliver a new era of luxury cuisine with the birth of a new bespoke solution.

Developed by Electrolux Professional, the new Molteni Caractère is the ultimate custom-crafted premium stove, created to blend a traditional cooking heritage with contemporary design, the range fulfils the aspirations of the most renowned restaurants and hotels.

Tailor-made and hand-crafted for every chef eager to create their own unique story, each Molteni Caractère fuses ultra-modern, high tech materials with a compact surface, stylish finishing, and a solid-steel structure, for a number of seamless, contemporary combinations.

Crucially for chefs, the Molteni Caractère can be personalised to meet their exact needs with no compromise. Whether the desire is for a unique look, optimised workflow, or a status symbol which stands out from the crowd, professionals can rest assured that their new Molteni will be the perfect fit for their kitchen.

From limited edition corners embellished for everlasting beauty, to the expertly-fashioned control knobs and a perpetually durable top, the Molteni Caractère promises to turn top chefs’ most sumptuous dreams into stunning reality.

“We are very proud of this recognition, which comes from the most renowned global award program, founded by the pioneers in modern design”, commented Michele Cadamuro, Design Director at Electrolux Professional. “I would like to thank the entire team for their talent in creating a premium solution, able to meet the high demanding chefs’ expectations with high tech materials and details, while inspiring and affecting people’s emotions in a subtle and elegant way. Molteni Caractère is the symbol of an evolution without revolution, a change within continuity. This is our design philosophy, aimed at making our customer’s work-life easier, more effortless and more profitable every day”.

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Molteni Caractère among the most prestigious world design award’s winners 2019-01-10T11:37:11+00:00 Electrolux Professional

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