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Eggplant brownie

Cut the eggplants in half  -> then incise.

Cook them in the SkyLine PremiumS oven.
Chill in the SkyLine ChillS blast chiller.

Remove the eggplant skin from the pulp, then strain the pulp.

Blend the chocolate in the K55 food processor:
Start at “speed 10” using “pulse function” for 20 seconds. Switch to “continuous speed 10” until the chocolate starts to melt.

Add the eggplant pulp to the chocolate and keep mixing on “speed 10” for 30 seconds.

Add the following ingredients to the eggplant-chocolate-mixture:
• eggs • cocoa powder • salt • baking powder • almond flour • honey
Mix on “speed 4” until the mixture results homogeneous. Add walnuts and mix on “speed 1” until all walnuts are evenly mixed to the batter.

Pour the batter on the U-Pan baking tray spreading it evenly. Cook in the SkyLine PremiumS oven. Chill in theSkyLine ChillS blast chiller.

How to portion:
Cut the brownie into rectangles of 6,5cm x 5,5cm. Put in packages.

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