Electrolux Professional North America’s network of Chefs and Culinary Experts

Chef Connect is the regional hub of inspiration run by experienced culinary mentors, expert chefs, and equipment experts.

It is fully committed to listen to and anticipate customers’ needs and expectations and provide them with the most suitable answer to develop and grow their business.

Our Chef network was born to introduce a new way of doing business, where the ingredients are continuous customer dialogue and a learning-on-the-job educational offer.

During the live cooking demonstrations and product presentations held by the chefs, everyone is welcome to share ideas, best practices and challenges, and solutions are tested and developed through hands-on experience.

Meet Our Team

Kendall Ross

Sr. Corporate Executive Chef


Corey Siegel

Director of Culinary


Josh Elles

Corporate Chef


Our Chef Network expands all across the United States and Canada

Don Ocheltree

Corporate Chef Professional Reps


Dan Chlebowski

Culinary Specialist Fredco Reps


Branislav Nikolic

Chef + Sales Rep ⋅ ProRep Marketing


Dawn Broeder

Corporate Chef + Territory Manager ⋅ Professional Reps


Rory White, CCC

Corporate Chef Canada


Brenden Schiering

Corporate Executive Chef Professional Reps


Jordan Lloyd

Executive Chef Consultant Spurry-Curren


Chuck Hoover

Contract Chef


Mike Dugerian

Contract Chef


Travis Reidel

Corporate Chef Professional Reps


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