The HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – procedure is a way of assessing the inherent risks attributable to a product or a process and to determine the necessary steps to control the identified risks.

Electrolux Professional has been respecting HACCP process since 1998.

So what does this mean?

If there is an outbreak of sickness or contamination linked to a business serving or preparating food, using HACCP functions within the Electrolux Professional equipment to monitor processes will allow businesses the ability to track and identify, or eliminate, the source.

Cooking – Electrolux Professional SkyLine Combi Oven

The Food Safe Control function ensures total food safety in accordance with the HACCP standards. Just select the food category, and the Food Safe Control function will do the rest, acting as a supervisor throughout the cooking process. When the Food Safe Control Icon is activated and the 6-sensor probe is inserted, Touchline calculates if the food has been adequately cooked achieving the correct safety level.


Food Safety

No compromise between cooking quality and safety with Food Safe Control. With the 6-sensor Multiprobe inserted, SkyLine PremiumS automatically ensures that food has been perfectly cooked while operating in accordance with HACCP standards.

*Food Safe Control – patent US6818865B2 and related family.

Always safer food

Easy compliance with HACCP and food safety regulations. Blast chilling means bacteria don’t get chance to proliferate as food (even always straight from the oven with SkyDuo) is rapidly chilled in precision-controlled environment.

It takes less than 90 minutes to bring the core temperature of food down from 70°C to 3°C, or 240 minutes to reach -18°C for freezing. Don’t break the Cook&Chill process. Go directly from the oven to SkyLine ChillS without letting the food cool down at ambient temperature.

Electrolux Professional gets worldwide milestone certification in laundry hygiene. Electrolux Professional is the first commercial laundry manufacturer endorsed by HACCP International

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The certification was first awarded to Line 5000 in the UK and Ireland and since June 2015 it applies worldwide.

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