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With Electrolux Professional’s finishing equipment, you can choose from a complete range of easy-to-use, highly automated finishing presses to basic electrically-heated ironing tables for small scale operations or for big production volumes depending on your needs.

In addition to boosting the productivity of your laundry operation, our finishing equipment ensures top quality finishing, garment after garment.

Shirt Challenge: Perfect Shirt Finishing Solution
Our solution might include some of the following equipment; ironing tables, blown finishers, collar and cuff presses.

Trouser Challenge: Creases and Pleats
Electrolux Professional’s systems for finishing trousers are designed for maximum operator safety. The equipment is also easy to use, which allows the operator to process a large number of finished garments.

Coat and Jacket Challenge
Electrolux Professional’s multi-finisher is so efficient that one operator can process up to 40 jackets every hour. A user-friendly microprocessor stores up to nine programs and controls all functions.

Finishing Equipment - Ironing Table | Laundry Systems - Electrolux Professional
Finishing Equipment - Ironing Table | Laundry Systems - Electrolux Professional

Discover what Electrolux can do for your business:

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  • FFT-D


    • User-friendly control panel with display
    • Pivoting control board
    • Automatic finishing control with microprocessor for an elevated productivity
    • 9 different work programmes for garments of any fabric and size

  • FSU4


    • Air drying gun
    • Spotting cabinet for pre- and post-spotting
    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Compact design

  • FIT1


    • Vacuum and heating ironing surface
    • Adjustable in height for smooth ironing operation
    • Movable and easy operated foot pedal
    • Foldable

  • FIT6A


    • Utility shape, for general purpose
    • Heated to keep the working surface dry

  • FSB 3,3

    FSB 3,3

    • Capacity of 5 kg steam/h
    • Steam boiler with electronic water level sensor, which ensures correct water level and long lifetime of the heating elements
    • Standard with two steam irons
    • Simple installation and maintenance

  • FPM1-D


    • Even distribution of steam, from head and buck moistens the fabric to remove creases
    • Adjustable pressure regulator for pressing different fabrics
    • Padded head avoids glazing the fabric
    • Padded buck reduces impressions