thermaline ProThermetic Braising Pans and Kettles

Designed for the heavy-duty requirements of hotels, institutions, hospitals, central and in-flight kitchens

ProThermetic Sprint, the smart choice

A wide range of pressure braising, braising pans and kettles, complete with all you need to start cooking right away. Plug-in ready with a full set of included accessories. Discover more in the video below.

Pressure Cooking with ProThermetic pans,
the ultimate solution for high productivity, efficiency and precision

The one-of-a-kind technology optimizes cooking processes and offers maximum flexibility, incomparable simplicity, hygiene, efficiency and profitability. The thermaline ProThermetic range of Pressure Cooking Braising Pans and Kettles is especially designed for heavy-duty requirements in terms of quantities, performances and cooking results.

Multiple savings with ProThermetic Sprint Pressure Braising Pans

As kitchens are getting smaller and menus are growing larger,
ProThermetic Sprint Pressure Braising Pans can replace a
number of appliances, offering many advantages:

► Less space needed for the
appliances (-45*%)
► Lower cleaning costs (-40*%)
► Up-front investment (-20*%):
2 appliances in 1
► Lower labor costs due to easy
and error-proof operations

80-energy-saving ok

Energy consumption* is significantly reduced, thanks to the optimized heating system, the precise temperature control and the high density insulation.

*Calculations based on internal tests comparing the Pressure Braising Pan to the traditional system = Boiling + Braising Pan.

Multiple benefits with ProThermetic Pressure Braising, Braising Pans and Kettles

Simple and Effective Control with the Touch Screen Panel

► Actual and set temperature
► Set and remaining cooking time
► Deferred start
► Pre-heating phase
► Power level control from simmering to strong boiling
► Multi-phase cooking program
► GuideYou Panel

Easy Management of Recipes and HACCP Data with the USB

By a simple USB connection, up to 1,000 personal recipes can be saved, stored and transferred to other appliances, replicated and even sent via e-mail. USB key allows you to download HACCP and upload it in your PC without any specific software.

End of the Day

Reliability in all conditionsn The ProThermetic range is certified IPX6**, 8 times higher than market standard protection against strong jets of water on electric and gas heated appliances.


Complete range is predisposed for remote monitoring system for better control, traceability of operating data and in-time service.

**The thermaline products exceed all international IEC standards (60529) regarding water flow: IPX6 water protection level guarantees a flow of 100 litres/minute at 2,5 bar, at the distance of about three metres, lasting 4 minutes and reaching 400 litres of water.

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