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A global culture of customer dedication

The Electrolux Professional Chef Academy is a worldwide hub of inspiration. Run by more than 70 experienced culinary mentors and expert chefs, this global network is truly unique.

It is fully committed to listen to and anticipate customers’ needs and expectations and provide them with the most suitable answer to develop and grow their business.

The Electrolux Professional Chef Academy was born to introduce a new way of doing business, where the ingredients are continuous customer dialogue and a learning-on-the-job educational offer.

During the live cooking demonstrations and product presentations held by the chefs, everyone is welcome to share ideas, best practices and challenges, and solutions are tested and developed through hands-on experience.

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Centers of Excellence worldwide

Offering customers innovative training concepts and memorable experiences with its brand and solutions, is a commitment at Electrolux Professional.

When culinary culture and technology meet each other, the result is an educational method based on experience and customer dialogue, and dedicated to the hospitality professionals who fly in the face of the business with a different approach.

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Recipe Books

Recipe Books

Find inspiration to evolve your menu with the Electrolux Professional series of cookbooks featuring recipes for barbecue, baked goods, vegetarian dishes, and charcuterie. Click to view our library.

SpeeDelight Recipe Videos

SpeeDelight Recipe Videos

As customers’ food knowledge increase and taste palettes become more complex, SpeeDelight can deliver any variety of food items any time of the day to meet those cravings. View all our SpeeDelight Recipe Videos.

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Flank Steak Tacos

CIngredients 1lb flank Steak 1Tbs chili powder 1tsp cumin 1tsp oregano 3/4tsp salt 1Tbs oil   Tortillas 1/2ea onion diced cilantro Limes Procedure1. Preheat your Combi Oven to 510°F with the vent...


Electrolux Professional Multi-Timer Power Bowl

Ingredients3 cups quinoa, cooked 1ea red cabbage, sliced 1ea cauliflower, chopped 8ea chicken thighs, boneless and skinless 4ea zucchini sliced 14oz cooked chickpeas drained and rinsed 4ea sweet potatoes, peeled and diced ...


Gianduja Cookie

Ingredients8 oz hazelnuts 8 oz confectioner sugar 8 oz dark chocolate, coarsely chopped. 1 and 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (spoon & leveled) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt1 cup unsalted ...


Turkey Taleggio Tomato Jam

Ingredients4 ea pieces sliced turkey 2 ea slices sourdough 2 oz taleggio slices 1 oz tomato jam 4 ea basil leaves 1/4 oz Dijon mustardProcedure Prepare the sandwich by building in advance. Set the SpeeDelight with the...


Thai Cabbage and Grilled Beef Salad

IngredientsSalad ½ head of red cabbage** 1 ea white cabbage** 2 ea mint sprigs 2 sprigs Thai basil 1/2 c Brown Sugar 1/4 c fish sauce 2 ea limes, juiced Steak 1lb flank steak 1ea lime zested 2ea limes ju...


Beef Stew

Ingredients Beef (Cubed) 100lb Olive Oil 4cup Onion(diced) 30lb Celery(diced) 15lb Carrot(diced) 15lb Garlic(minced) 3cup Tomato Paste 12lb Tomato(diced) 24lb Potatoes(diced) 20lb ...


Turkey Navy Bean Chili

Ingredients Turkey (ground) 18kg Navy Beans 6kg Carrots (diced) 1.5kg Celery (diced) 1.5kg Onion (diced) 1.5kg Bell Peppers (diced) 4kg Paprika 600g Dried Oregano 50g Cayenne Pepper 50...


Dill Pickles

Ingredients 1.8 kg Cucumbers 1400 g White Vinegar 325 g Sugar 70 g Salt 6 ea Garlic Cloves Dill 8 g Red Chili Flake Procedure 1. Bring pickling liquid to a boil. Place in a mason jar. 2. Cook in Combi Mode ...


Pate En Croute

Pate Filling Ingredients 2460 g Pork Shoulder 240 g Foie Gras 400 g Fatback 30 g Parsley 8 g Prague Powder 1 8 g Black Pepper 30 g Kosher Salt 4 ea Eggs 150 g Milk 2 g Nutmeg 4 g Coriander Pate Dough Ingred...