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When the enemy is invisible, you need The OnE to keep eyes open for you. Electrolux Professional Mop Washer concept is designed to offer an incredibly wide range of cleaning solutions thanks to special heating elements, a inner drum and an electric drain valve for quick drainage.

Electrolux Professional offers the solutions for all kinds of Facility Management services. Our expertise in cleaning microfiber materials helps you achieve the highest hygiene standards possible. Result? Maximum defense against the spread of microorganisms and total flexibility with quality.

Productivity is all. Remove soil in 1.7 seconds with Electrolux Professional mop washer solutions versus 3.2 seconds with domestic washers.

Find out how to use and wash your mop to preserve its life time and performance. High efficiency and longevity make you save time and money.

Trust the professional 360° cleaning experience


The choice

The flat microfiber mop is sustainable, more efficient and ensures better cleaning

How to use the mop

The “S” movement ensures its maximum efficiency, covering up to
645 sq ft (60 sq.m.).


Mop washing

More hygiene, longer life, better result make you save time and money

Invest in Electrolux Professional

High efficiency and improved longevity assure you an economic return on your investment, still garanteeing the best performances.


Thanks to Electrolux Professional Washers,
your Mops last longer

No overdosing increases linen lifetime

The Efficient Dosing System calculates automatically the correct amount of detergent according to the weight indication from the Automatic Saving System that controls the addition of the exact amount of water and energy consumption needed.

Laundry management is easier and more efficient with laundry reports and temperature validation.

If you prefer to clean with dry mops, simply dry the freshly washed mops in an Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryer.

Efficient Floor Cleaning solution

The special mop washer extractor includes a special wash program package (3 mop programs and 4 general programs), special heating elements, a special inner drum and an electric drain valve for quick drainage.


Preserve your mop investment using Electrolux Professional’s washer.
(test done with a not full-loading capacity)

After 450 cycles the mop mantains a high cleaning performance.


We have the right made-to-measure solution

facility management laundry

ISS Facility Services
Karlstadt, Sweden

Cleaning 1,500 mops and microfiber cloths on a daily basis. Towels and  carpets are also cleaned every week.

Solution used:

2 x Commercial Mop Washers (31 lbs / 14 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryer (42.7 lbs / 19.4 kg)

St. Thomas Hospital
London, Uk

Cleaning over 850 kg microfibre mops and cloths on a daily basis. Monitoring the laundry processes and consumption.

Solution used:

3 x Barrier Washers (155 lb/70 kg)
3 x Tumble Dryers (147 lb/67 kg)
CM – Certus ManagementTM Information System

facility management solution for laundry

U.D.O. Central Laundry
Tubingen, Germany

Cleaning weekly over 9 tons of mops, cloths and incontinence underpads for the hospital.

Solution used:

2 x Barrier Washers (155lg / 70 kg + 198lb/ 90 kg)
1 x Commercial Mop Washer (17 lb/8 kg) for microfiber mops and cloths
2 x Tumble Dryers (100lb / 45 kg + 132 lb/60 kg)

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