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Delicious Hot Sandwiches

SpeeDelight High-Speed Sandwich PRESS

Speed, versatility and consistency all-in-one.

The SpeeDelight is a smart press that simplifies sandwich creation and speeds up service for high volume restaurants. Featuring adaptive heating methods, intelligent press and an automatic lid feature, SpeeDelight helps everyone in your kitchen easily create your trademark sandwiches.

Faster ticket times and better quality sandwiches build customer loyalty and increase revenue. Boost your company’s reputation and customer loyalty with consistent results, while making the most of labor with the simple-to-use, easy-to-clean SpeeDelight.

Talk With Chef Corey
How Does SpeeDelight Simplify Sandwich Creation?
Heats 3x Faster
Three heating methods (contact plate, infrared and microwave) and customizable icons makes high-speed sandwich heating as simple as pressing a button.
Versatile Capabilities
Compact, plug-and-play design makes heating imaginative sandwiches easy – whether it’s used by a manager or someone’s first day on the job.
Consistent Results
Intelligent press and automatic lid feature ensures consistent crisp, heat and taste – heating your culinary creations all the way through every time.

“Our guests often comment about how they love that their sandwich is toasty on the outside but also heated all the way through, thanks to the microwave process with SpeeDelight. That’s not attainable through a traditional panini press.”

– Shav Perusinghe,
Food Service Manager, Bristol Farms

Learn More About the SpeeDelight
Check out our blog for more details on how SpeeDelight makes creating consistently delicious sandwiches fast and simple.

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