SkyLine Blast Chillers and Freezers

Save money on food costs by preparing greater quantities and extend shelf-life thanks to SkyLine Blast Chillers.

What would you do with 4 extra hours* a day? 1,200 more hours a year?
Every chill cycle saves you 47 extra minutes, increasing your productivity and making your workflow more efficient.

*Calculation based on a 10-hour working day with SkyLine ChillS 50/50 kg.

Over 30 years of excellence in Blast Chillers

Prepare food in bulk, plan activities in advance and have a stress-free service. Blast chilled food remains fresh for 5 days in a refrigerator and for up to 1 year in a freezer.

Cut food waste by up to 35%. Cook, blast chill or freeze then regenerate only when needed and only the quantity required. Quality is guaranteed, the Blast Chiller preserves food’s essential characteristics in compliance with HACCP procedure.

skyline benefit savings

Made for

Save up to $2000 a month with the Cook and Chill solution*.

benefit ergonomy

Made for

Maximum efficiency with the first ever Blast Chiller to receive independent 4-star certification for easy-of-use and smooth ergonomic design.

skyline benefit performance

Made for

Perfect, even chilling results thanks to revolutionary high tech OptiFlow circulation system which guarantees uniform air distribution.

skyline benefit connectivity

Made for
non-stop chilling

Monitor the status and performance of your Blast Chiller from anywhere.

* based on Electrolux Cook&Chill calculator, comparing Cook&Serve versus Cook&Chill method, both performed with Electrolux appliances. Data available in April 2019.

Less environmental impact, more savings

Sustainably built, the new SkyLine Blast Chiller makes your business leaner and greener letting you save up to $2,200 a month thanks to the Cook&Chill solution*.

The use of environmentally friendly gases and sustainably sourced material are part of Electrolux’s commitment to reduce the impact on the enviornment. The use of gas R448A as a refrigerant equals a 45 percent reduced carbon footprint that is equivalent to**:

car icon

Emission by 1,257 passengers
vehicles driven for 1 year

tree icon

CO2 absorbed by 50,000
football fields** planted with
pine trees

lamp icon

196,486 Incandescent lamps
switched to LEDs

* based on Electrolux Professional Cook&Chill calculator, comparing Cook&Serve versus Cook&Chill method, both performed with Electrolux Professional appliances. Data available in April 2019.
** based on Electrolux production 2017

Pioneers in usability and ergonomics

An ergonomic Blast Chiller means 75% reduction in sick leave and 25% increase in productivity for your business*.
SkyLine Blast Chillers received the prestigious 4-star certification for ergonomics for its ease-of-use and smooth ergonomic design.

Our design process is human-centered and fully complies with ISO 26800 and ISO 9241-210 regulations.

Error-free simplicity. An intuitive and color-blind friendly panel placed at the right height for maximum visibility and acess.

Strain-free. Comfortable, strain-free opening and shutting of the door over 200 times a day thanks to ergonomically-designed door.

Effortless loading and unloading. The design of the door and cavity make a real difference to loading and unloading.

The perfect position. Touchscreen display and USB slots have been placed at just the right height for maximum visibility and access.

*”Ergonomic interventions can reduce musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) by 59%, with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.” – Dr. Francesco Marcolin, CEO of ErgoCert (European Certified Ergonomist – EUR.ERG.)

Making your daily work easier

SkyLine Blast Chiller has an intuitive and simple-to-use touchscreen interface.
Manual mode, programs mode or automatic mode, each program adapts to your needs.

SkyLine Blast Chiller shares the same control panel as SkyLine Combi Oven. Keep total control on all operations and design the personalization that fits you best. Intuitive and simple to use, anyone in your team can operate it.

Full control at your fingertips with SkyDuo, a unique full Cook and Chill solution. Skyline Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers communicate seamlessly with each other sharing the same mindset and simple intuitive touch interface.

Plan your day the right way. Based on artificial intelligence, ARTE 2.0* gives you a real time countdown so you know when each probe driven chill or freeze cycle will finish and you can chill your next load. You can instantly know if your chill or freeze process meets food safety norms.

The most impeccable chilling evenness ever. Perfect, even chilling results thanks to revolutionary high tech OptiFlow circulation system which guarantees uniform air disribution.

The Cruise Cycle* automatically adjusts the chilling cycle according to food size while monitoring the process from start to finish.

automatic special cycles blast chiller screens

*ARTE 2.0 – patent US7971450B2 and related family. Cruise Cycle – patent EP1716769B1 and related family

Not just chill

SkyLine Blast Chiller performs 3 different automatic functions: chilling, freezing or LiteHot. Start by selecting one of the 10 food families or 9 special Cycles+ and SkyLine ChillS will set the rest for you.

Test our 4 special LiteHot cycles:

  • Chocolate: get perfectly melted and crystallized chocolate with the dedicated automatic cycle.
  • Proving and Retarded Proving: better manage your time and streamline your breadmaking. The Combi Oven is automatically preheated at the right temperature when you need to bake your bread and pastry products.
  • Fast Thawing: peace of mind with guaranteed food quality and safety in accordance with HACCP standards. Advanced controlled temperature and uniform heat distribution ensure that food is thoroughly thawed and ready to be served or cooked.

Cook and Chill: seamless communication

Revolutionize the way you work with SkyDuo, a unique full Cook and Chill solution.
Two appliances with one DNA. SkyLine Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers communicate seamlessly with each other sharing the same mind-set and simple intuitive touch interface.

Revolutionize your business pre-preparing large batches.
First cook with the Combi Oven then put your dishes straight into the Blast Chiller for preserving them while maintaining all of their characteristics.

SkyLine-SkyDuo-700x593-1-2021 (1)
skyline tray one loading unloading direction
SkyLine Blast Chiller and Combi Oven

A winning match

One loading – unloading direction for safe and effortless handling.
Save money, gain space and experience smooth operations with a full range of accessories for banqueting and handling systems designed to perfectly fit Ovens and Blast Chillers.

Discover SkyLine Cook and Chill system
Discover SkyLine Combi Ovens

OnE Connected, your digital assistant

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OnE Connected helps you get top performances from your Electrolux Professional solutions. This will maximize your profits and accelerate your return on investment.

Discover OnE Connected
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Guaranteed hygiene

Connectivity also means safety. Automatic digital HACCP documentation will provide compulsory evidence of safe cooking processes and quality, saving you time and paperwork. With data at your fingertips, you can make adjustments where needed to ensure your processes are respecting the hygiene and food safety requirements.


Ensure consistent menu day after day

With OnE Connected, you can create, store and share single or multiple cycles directly with your appliances. Sending cycles from your library to connected appliances is a great way to improve fleet management and ensuring consistent menu across your locations.

Discover all the tutorial videos to get the most out of your SkyLine

Access to our YouTube channel to see all the video tutorials available, to help you in your daily job and learn more about the potential of SkyLine.

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