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Hygiene control is of paramount importance in elderly care facilities.

Electrolux Professional makes infection control easy and affordable for residential homes.

Global leader in hygiene laundry solutions, with more than 500 barrier washer installations every year.

Intelligent features, such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System to ensure maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes.

Full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.

Taste may be subjective. The benefits of using fresh foods aren’t.

Not only do fresh foods allow you to balance the unique dietary requirements of your residents, but they also allow you to maintain a higher level of quality.

Food safety and food integrity, maintaining needed nutrients and vitamins throughout the preparation process is vital to this customer.

“The best thing about the equipment is how easy it is to use. Although the technology driving each process is very advanced, the interface is simple as a cycle can be started with the push of just a couple of buttons.”

Jo Watson
Head Housekeeper

Belong Warrington

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