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When you are running a business, it is important to have tools and equipment that you can trust. At Electrolux Professional you can get just that. With over 100 years of expertise, we are specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment. We have a large range of products for you to choose from, and we are the only supplier worldwide who can offer a complete range of quality products to completely fit out your kitchen. We continue to look for ways that we can improve our products, and are proud of our innovative designs that make life easier and more profitable for our customers. Read More

Commercial Cooking Equipment: Choosing Electrolux Professional

There are many reasons why you should choose Electrolux Professional for your cooking equipment. We are a globally trusted Electrolux, who have built up a reputation as specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment and laundry equipment for over 100 years. We stand out because of our innovative designs which aim to make our products greener and more sustainable, helping both our customers and the planet. We don’t just leave you with the equipment once it is installed; you can benefit from our comprehensive maintenance agreements that make use of our years of knowledge and expertise and ensures you can get the most out of your equipment so that you only have to worry about creating an amazing recipe for your customers.

Commercial Cooking Equipment: High-Performing, Reliable Equipment

When you a running a business that requires catering, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, or healthcare facility, reliable equipment is a must. Our products are designed to be ergonomic and safe so that you can get on with the tasks that you need to complete in your professional working environment.

When designing a product, we look at ways that we can make them more sustainable. This includes the materials that they are made from, but also the energy and products that an appliance will use when it is in use. Over its lifetime, an appliance has the biggest effect on the environment when it is in use. Finding ways to reduce the number of resources they consume benefits the environment, and benefits our customers running costs. As we improve and expand our range of products, we will continue to develop products that are low-resource consuming in order to benefit our customers and the environment.

To see the equipment that we have on offer browse our website. You can even compare items, making it easier to pick the products that are right for you.

Commercial Cooking Equipment: Electrolux Professional can Cover all Your Cooking Needs

Finding quality, high-performance commercial cooking equipment doesn’t have to be difficult with Electrolux Professional. We can fit out your whole kitchen with Electrolux Professional products, making your kitchen cohesive and ensuring that all your equipment works well together. Whether you need fryers, pasta cookers, gas burners or more, we have the products which will allow your business to run smoothly. When developing our products, we always have our customers and the environment in mind, allowing us to design something beneficial for all.

Other products include professional gas cooktophotel kitchen equipment and catering equipment Australia – contact us today!

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