Using the right laundry equipment can actually help save lives

Look after your Nomex® fire garments and other coatings with an In-house Laundry.

The washing programs used in Electrolux Professional systems ensure that cleaning has no negative impact on the fire-retardant qualities of Nomex® and other coatings – without compromising on cleaning performance.

As part of the cleaning process, your garments can also be impregnated.
Rely on the experience of a global player
and leading partner:

  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for fire brigades
  • The Electrolux Professional Laundry Solution impregnates protective garments as part of the overall cleaning process
  • Restores full protection and comfort to fire garments after every wash
  • Saves water, energy and time – impregnation fluids and water can be used several times

Fire fighter garments are bulky.
Therefore machines with a large drum volume and a big door opening are recommended.

High spin front load washers or barrier washers machines with a programmable control and special wash programs are most suitable for two reasons:

  • The uniforms might have a membrane layer which can create a “water pocket” giving extreme unbalance during extraction. An high spin washer is not that sensitive to heavy unbalance.
  • Low extraction will not damage the very expensive illumination stripes in the garment.

Garments need to be impregnated

After washing, the garments need to be impregnated to protect fire fighters. This process divides in two main steps: the chemical impregnant is properly dosed by the washing machine (the washer extractor) and then fixed in a specific dryer, expressly designed for Fire Brigades.

“Protect the Protectors”: Electrolux Professional commitment to firefighters’ well-being

Electrolux Professional and Decontex set an innovative and new decontamination process based on a Liquid CO2 washer that cleans and decontaminates firefighters’ uniforms. It is the only existing environmental friendly technology able to complete the entire cycle without damaging neither the gear nor the environment.

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Drying Cabinets

Outstanding flexibility
  • Designed for sensitive garments
  • Protective workwear
  • Outdoor clothing and bulky items.
Quality and care
  • Top quality results and textile care thanks to gentle drying without mechanical action.
Save time and money
  • Fast and gentle drying, quicker and better than hang- or flat-drying
  • Extended lifetime of garments and workwear.

For best space utilization and perfect results:
– Hanger sticks
– Shoes shelves
– Glove hangers

Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE) Washer

PPE Washer decontaminates masks, helmets, boots and hoses to protect fire fighters from cancer

PPE Washer washes and sanitizes protective personal equipments in steel, composite, rubber, fabric, plastic etc. from oily substances, residues of combustion gases, toxins and other highly hazardous substances.

personal protecting equipment washer

Fire Station


Big Fire Station or Station that washes for other brigades

  • Barrier washers or front load washer (4-6 uniforms – 35kg)
  • Drying cabinet TS4175WW (4 uniforms)
  • PPE washer L for masks and breathing apparatus (3-4 sets in 6 minutes)
  • Drying cabinet TS5121 for various fire equipment (i.e. masks)

Medium/Big Fire Station

  • Barrier washers or front load washer (3-4 uniforms – 27kg)
  • Drying cabinet TS4175WW (4 uniforms)
  • PPE washer L for masks and breathing apparatus (3-4 sets in 6 minutes)
  • Drying cabinet TS5121 for various fire equipment (i.e. masks)

Small Fire Station

  • Front load washer (1 uniform – 8kg)
  • Tumble Dryer (8kg)
  • Drying cabinet TS560 for various fire equipment (i.e. masks)

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