Washers, dryers and steam ironers for small businesses

  • Are your domestic machines simply not fast and sturdy enough?
  • Are you looking for a more professional laundry solution on a sensible budget?

myPRO is the Electrolux Professional solution for small businesses in need of washers, dryers and steam ironers that are stronger and faster than standard domestic appliances.

 Long life – 3 times longer *
 Superb Speed – up to 50% faster **
 Great results every time
 Maximum flexibility – thanks to professional programs
 Warranty for professional applications – according to local regulations

* Compared to domestic machines
** Washer


Low consumption, extra savings

Electrolux Professional helps you to save both money and energy

Durable and affordable solutions for small businesses

Hairdressers, beauty salons, B&Bs and care homes may need professional laundry solutions that are faster and more durable than domestic machines.

my PRO top quality, longer life

Top quality, long life

Washers and Dryers designed to last 3 times longer than domestic machines with a variety of professional programs for the best wash results and garment care.

myPRO extra savings

Save water, energy and money

SpeedCare drum for best-in-class dewatering, cutting cycle time and costs, and shorter drying cycle with Automatic Moisture Control.

myPRO maximum hygiene

Superb hygiene and maximum convenience.

Easy-to-clean stainless steel top and front with specially designed large door. All the benefits you need on a sensible budget.

myPRO online assistant

Get the best out of your myPRO and myPROzip washer, dryer and ironer.
Find in this page a collection of video tutorials, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and additional online help.
Register your products and find additional accessories and consumables that help getting the best out of your washer, dryer and ironer. Feel free to get in touch with an expert, in case you need additional support.

Tutorial videos



Installing the machine with drain valve

Installing the machine with drain pump

Installing the stacking kit

Installing the pedestal

FAQ myPRO Washers

Daily use


Select programs and start the machines

Changing the dryer’s side door hinge

Cleaning the washing machine’s pump filter

Cleaning the dryer’s lint filter and condense unit

Steam Ironer instructions

FAQ myPRO Dryers

The Professional heart for small Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Restaurants

Tough stains on tablecloths, high outsourcing costs, getting bedlinen washed, dried and replaced in time – all of these are everyday issues for small Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Restaurants as domestic Washers and Dryers often can’t meet their needs.

The Professional heart for Facility Management companies

When it comes to washing mops and cloths for office cleaning, domestic machines can’t meet their needs because they often break down due to fluff and gravel. So getting your mops clean enough to pass audits is a challenge.

The Professional heart for Hairdressing and Beauty Salons

Slow programs and clogged drains are everyday hindrances in the hair and beauty industry when domestic Washers and Dryers can’t meet their needs.

The Professional heart for Sport and Fitness clubs

For sports clubs, ensuring clothes and towels are clean and fresh in time to be used isn‘t always so simple. Stubborn grass, dirt and sweat stains are often more than ordinary household appliances can handle.

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