Get More from Your Hospitality Business with the SkyLine Combi Oven

Whether you work in the catering, hotel or restaurant business, a quality oven is essential for delivering your customers great tasting food. Choose the right oven and hospitality essentials, and you can look forward to a simple to use experience that gives you fantastic results.
At Electrolux Professional Shop, we are changing the way you cook with our SkyLine Combi Oven. It combines technology with the features that you want from an oven, all with the lowest running costs and a greener outlook for the future. Best of all, our SkyLine PremiumS is intuitive and designed with chefs in mind.
Your food will even taste better while saving money with the low-temperature cooking cycle that reduces food weight loss by up to 50%. The result? More succulent and mouth-watering food. You can also choose to use the eco-cooking mode, which cooks your food is the greenest way, saving your business more money and protecting the environment.

Make the Process Easier For You

Whoever said that you cannot have it all had obviously never heard of the SkyLine Cook and Chill. The SkyLine Combi Oven can be used in conjunction with the SkyLine Blast Chiller. The Cook and Chill appliances work seamlessly together, making your kitchen more productive so your customers have the best experience.
With the same touch interface, using the Cook and Chill is easy, and you can look forward to a smooth experience, even when your kitchen is at its busiest – visit here to find out more.
When used together, you can customise your menus so that your favourites are there, complete with pictures of the dishes.

Ensure Consistency In The Way You Cook

When it comes to commercial cooking, certain standards need to be met every time you cook. With Electrolux Professional, it has never been easier, and you can make sure that everything has been cooked to perfection. How? SkyLine PremiumS ovens can be used with a 6-sensor multiprobe that ensures you are keeping HACCP standards.
There is also rapid pre-heating to get your oven to just the right temperature quickly, along with humidity control.

Features That Work For All

At Electrolux Professional, we have combined technology with our combi oven. It gives you real-time access from any smart device. Now isn’t that a smart choice?
You can also choose your cooking mode, and there is one to work for every type of chef. With manual mode, programs mode and automatic mode, you can use creativity, use programming to ensure that your food is always cooked to the same high standard and save time and money.
Your phone or tablet can be set up to receive alerts so that your tasks can be kept on track, and you never need to worry about forgetting important stages in your cooking again.

Electrolux Professional: Here For You

If you have any questions at any point, there is always support available, and you can get the information you need on your smartphone.
Discover more about the multi-award-winning Skyline Combi Oven by completing our online form or calling us today to transform your commercial kitchen.

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