Libero Line

Front cooking concept. Serve everyone, everywhere.

Prepare quick dishes for people on-the-go. Everything from simple sandwiches to sit-down meals.

Next to your food

The Libero Point with integrated refrigerated drawers extendes the range of Libero mobile cooking units and preserves fresh foods while keeping you closer to the foods you need.

Next to your customers

The innovative Anti-Odour system with triple filtering ventilation reduces bad odours emitted during cooking, making Libero Point the ideal solution for any kind of setting, indoor or outdoor.

libero line front cooking
Janus de l'industrie

“Janus de l’industrie” award

In 2011 Libero Point received the prestigious Janus de l’Industrie, one of the most important European design awards.

libero point refrigerated units

Fry Top/Griddle

  • Serve your customers in record time! Go from 20°C to 265°C in less than 15 minutes
  • The correct working temperature level is maintained in order to cook and grill foods evenly
  • A special cleaning tool included making it simple to remove any food residue from the surface

Induction Wok

  • Maximise energy efficiency, thanks to the automatic pan detection which transfers power only when the pan is present
  • No heat emission into the environment but only to the magnetic induction pan
induction wok

Induction Cook Top

  • Reduce your running costs by  saving up to 60% of energy by using induction cook tops
  • Serve  dishes in just a few minutes thanks to the fast heat up time of induction
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning operations extremely fast and easy and robust construction in stainless steel avoids the risk of corrosion
induction cook top

Mini Combi Oven

  • A great oven in a small space. Everything you need for steaming, baking, roasting or grilling
  • Compact, easy to use
  • No need for a special water connection
  • Easily disassemble internal parts for cleaning
Mini combi oven

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