Cold Juice Dispensers

Cold refreshing fruit juice available anytime, anywhere

A professional high volume solution to deliver chilled beverages.
Maximum freshness thanks to the powerful cooling system. It maintains the correct temperature at all times.
Sleek and modern design with a bright, customizable led panel.

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  • Beverage Dispensing SystemChilled Juice Dispenser

    Beverage Dispensing System
    Chilled Juice Dispenser

    Chilled Juice Dispenser with 4-flavor dispensers or 3-flavor and 1 Water Dispenser (3 l capacity each)
    • Dispense chilled beverages produced starting from concentrate juice.
    • Pressure-sealed insulated tank assures that the juice temperature doesn't change even in case of continuous dispense.
    • Water level in the tank is automatically restored after every dispense.
    • It can be used both with glass or jug.

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