SkyLine Blast Chiller and SkyLine Combi Oven

Cook and Chill solution

Introducing a pioneering Cook and Chill solution that anticipates your needs with SkyDuo, the seamless, self-intuitive connection between SkyLine appliances.

The new horizon in cooking 

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Seamless communication

SkyLine Combi Oven automatically alerts SkyLine Blast Chiller to prepare for chilling.
Tested and trusted by the unique global Electrolux Chef Academy.

One DNA.
Twin appliances.

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How Cook and Chill can revolutionize your kitchen processes?

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Effortless profitability with SkyDuo

Revolutionary SkyDuo, a unique full Cook and Chill solution. Two appliances with one DNA.
SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers communicate seamlessly with each other, sharing the same mind-set, and the same simple, intuitive touch interface.

A winning match

Save money. Gain space, experience smooth operations with a full range of accessories for banqueting and handling systems designed to perfectly fit Ovens and Blast Chillers.

Pioneering usability and ergonomics

An ergonomic Oven and Blast Chiller mean 75%* reduction in sick leave and 25% increase in productivity.
Maximimum efficiency with the only professional Oven and Blast Chiller in the world to receive independent 4-star certification for easy-of-use and smooth ergonomic design.

* “Ergonomic interventions can reduce musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) by 59%, with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.”
Dr. Francesco Marcolin, CEO of ErgoCert (European Certified Ergonomist – EUR.ERG.)

A leaner workflow

More efficient and effective use of your staff and appliances through pre-preparation of large batches.

Cut food waste

Every gram counts. SkyLine offers maximum return on your investments by extending shelf life and ensuring minimum weightloss during cooking and chilling.

Uncompromising quality

Dishes keep all their essential characteristics: flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional value are rated just the same as freshly cooked food. SkyLine makes HACCP compliance simple.

Customizable menus

The SkyLine Combi Oven and Blast Chiller range has a super intuitive and simple to use touch screen interface. You can personalize the full interface with your favourite settings, menu and pictures.

SkyLine Combi Oven and Blast Chiller share the same philosophy with high level of customization. Keep total control on all operations and design the personalization that fits you best, uploading your favourite pictures for your recipes.

Customize your SkyLine menus

SkyLine Combi Ovens

SkyLine Blast Chillers and Freezers

Discover what Cook and Chill can do for your business

Cook and Chill range

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  • Blast Chillers CWBlast Chiller Crosswise - 28 kg

    Blast Chillers CW
    Blast Chiller Crosswise - 28 kg

    • Automatic and manual defrosting.
    • Blast Chilling cycle: 28 kg from 90°C up to 3°C in less than 90 minutes.
    • Soft Chilling (air temperature -2°C).
    • Hard Chilling (air temperature -12°C).

  • Digital CabinetsRoll-in Hot Cupboard 1600 lt - 1 door

    Digital Cabinets
    Roll-in Hot Cupboard 1600 lt - 1 door

    • Right hinged full door.
    • The operating temperature can be adjusted from 50 to 75 °C to suit both meat and dairy storage requirements.
    • Simple control panel: on/off switch and digital temperature display.
    • Inner side protectors to protect the internal walls.

  • Cooking accessoriesPair stainless steel grids

    Cooking accessories
    Pair stainless steel grids

    • Ideal.
      • for roasting large pieces

      • as support for irregular containers and plates to be regenerated
    • Ideal. • for roasting large pieces<br /> • as support for irregular containers and plates to be regenerated

  • Crosswise ConvectionGas Convection Oven, 6 GN1/1

    Crosswise Convection
    Gas Convection Oven, 6 GN1/1

    • Racks can be easily removed without the need for special tools.
    • Unique air-flow system guarantees perfect distribution of heat throughout the oven cavity.
    • Maximum temperature of 300°C.
    • Food temperature probe available as accessory.

  • Blast Chillers CWBlast Chiller Crosswise - 10 kg

    Blast Chillers CW
    Blast Chiller Crosswise - 10 kg

    • Automatic and manual defrosting.
    • Blast Chilling cycle: 10 kg from 90°C up to 3°C in less than 90 minutes.
    • Soft Chilling (air temperature -2°C).
    • Hard Chilling (air temperature -12°C).

  • Vacuum PackersTable Top Vacuum Packer - 8 m³/h

    Vacuum Packers
    Table Top Vacuum Packer - 8 m³/h

    • To perfectly meet the requirements of the operator, the digital control panel allows the selection of up to 10 operating programs to guarantee optimized vacuum pressure and heat seal time for any product and each program.
      • P1 to P4 are composed of 4 adjustable selections (vacuum, extravacuum, gas and sealing)

      • P5 is the "external outside vacuum" to be used for removing air by two parameters: vacuum and extravacuum

      • t1, t2, t3 are the advanced functions: infusion cycle for marinading/infusion of foodstuff, compression to soften meat, liquid time to set the sealing stage of bags containing liquid products

      • Sr1, Sr2 are the special programs, condition to clean the pump and test cycle
    • To ensure simplicity of use and maximum reliability electronic board detects electronic malfunctions, color and level of oil as well as failures in the vacuum packaging process.
    • Can be equipped with an adapter (available as optional accessory), allowing the vacuum process to take place in external containers or appliances by connecting the external container's pipe to the air sucking valve.
    • Safety system protects the machine in case of sealing bar overheat.

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