and Undercounters

Easier, Safer, Better with your guests in focus

E-flex Glasswashers

Slow operations caused by complex programs and dangerous ergonomics are daily issues in many businesses.

Whether you run a bar, pub or café, your focus is to always serve your guests in the best possible way.

Fast service in sparkling, clean glasses and cups.

The same goes for the E-flex Glasswashers from Electrolux Professional.


Electronic control panel with temperature display for easy monitoring of machine.

and ergonomic

Counterbalanced door for soft opening and closing.


Perfect result thanks to double upper and lower rinsing arms.


Stainless steel construction designed for easy cleaning and perfect hygiene.

Undercounter dishwashers

The ideal solution for demanding customers requiring high performance with low running costs.

Reduce your running costs by 20%

Less water, energy, detergent and rinse aid consumption for lower running costs and less impact on environment.

Excellent washing and rinsing performance

Best-in-class washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal.

Low noise level

best-in-class for low noise and reduction in heat loss from the machine thanks to the double skin insulated wall.

Constant rinsing temperature

the rinse quality is guaranteed by the constant rinsing temperature of 84°C and the water pressure.

Discover what E-flex glasswashers and Undercounters can do for your business

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